Social Media Marketing and Optimization: A Complete Guide to SMM / SMO in 2019

The number of average active users on social media is not surprising. More than 500 million on Instagram & close to a billion on Facebook, both combined take larger pieces of the cake with the likes of Twitter and Linkedin not far behind. YouTube is the king of video content which is only second to Facebook in terms of reachability. Concentrating marketing efforts initially in any of these can be rewarding.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media marketing has become one of the most powerful and highly competitive forms of marketing because it provides a level playing field to brands, big or small. With real-time feedback, it caters to the global or regional audience at once, driving sales through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ad campaigns and engaging content.

#1 Paid Services

Many companies provide tailored services to businesses these days. Ad campaigns boost brand awareness through relevant marketing insights by gaining access to mobile users.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook drive user engagement offer through the pay-per-click payment model. This means that you only pay when a user takes the action. All major platforms offer a wide range of services that are designed to meet a specific objective. There are ads that only work to drive traffic to the sites and others that build brand awareness. The demand is high for ads that boost engagement with posts/pages and the ones that generate leads.

Facebook charges $1.72 per click for ads across all industries whereas the average cost to promote a tweet is $1.35. Instagram’s average cost is $6.70 per 1000 impressions since it accounts for more engagement than other platforms. When a user sees an ad displayed on their device, it's called impression.

These days producing videos is neither cheap nor expensive. Showcasing ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram don’t go unnoticed and have the power to impact users. According to research by Linkedin, successful ads are no longer than 15 seconds.

#2 Analytics

Analytical tools like Google Analytics are crucial yet underutilized in the world of social media. They provide rich data on user behavior. Brands can effectively use the data to optimize performance and drive sales with flexible strategies.
  • Analytical tools disclose the age & interest group of users.
  • Gives robust insight on how users interact with a brand.
  • Categorize data into acquisition, behavior and conversation rates.
  • Highlights what’s working & what isn’t.
Analytical tools provide real-time feedback and changes can be made instantly or after a new strategy is in place. There are other also other tools that help businesses manage schedule, generate report card and help track links. Sprout Social, AgoraPulse and Bitly are some of the most widely used promotional tools that help improve rankings.

#3 Hiring

A social media manager helps driving results with cost-effective solutions. Hiring someone with good advertising experience will not only help improve customer service but also sales through the high ranking of content. One of the core areas of their job should be writing immersive copy and headlines for successful engagement with their target audience.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) service providers manage social media accounts on your behalf. They put all their resources to obtain high ranking placements in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). They strive to create content that renders a positive first impression to the users.

Professional SEO services combine off-site and online strategies to produce top results. With effective keywords, competitive analysis, link building and regular posts the work on strategies to push her in SERP.

#4 Video Content

Close to 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube with 300 hours of content uploaded everyday. No doubt its the 21st-century T.V. Video SEO is gathering pace and many companies are coming up with witty and creative content to engage with the target audience. Though a little different form of Web SEO, Video SEO can be optimized for effective ranking.
  • It's important to choose the right video hosting platform. YouTube and Vimeo lead the race.
  • Thumbnails should be engaging and not merely a clickbait. Its the first sign of engagement and a misleading thumbnail can be detrimental to one’s growth.
  • Title and meta description of the video works similar to blogs. Prioritizing keyword searches is important here.
  • If SEO is difficult to get by, invest in paid video advertising to promote your video on Instagram, Facebook and other channels.
#5 Creative Content

Finding the right balance to curate an engaging content is the key.

Infographics have turned out to be effective communicators. We are designed to respond to visual cues/elements rather than long and boring texts. Infographics job is to break complex information into simpler ones that give enough information on a product or services. Designers and writers in this age have powerful tools to engage with the audience in general. With illustrations, a concept or a process can be visually explained with the help of Adobe suites.

Stop motion animation videos can also provide cost-effective solutions with little or no money. Conventional and unconventional designs have the power to tickle with the audience’s imagination and reach out to them in every possible way.

Wrapping Up

When starting new, it's crucial to build a loyal customer base. Engaging content with effective SEO strategies helps one build a strong social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seem ideal choices, but these aren’t enough! Likes of Quora, Linkedin, Medium, Pinterest, etc have the potential to build and improve brand’s visibility. The latter serves a more role-playing audience and it's here that quality blogs and content won’t go unnoticed which gives your brand better chances to attract more followers.

According to recent research, more than 92% of small businesses increased their investment in 2018 to include paid services as part of their vital strategy. Services such as cost per click and cost per thousand impressions have delivered promising results and will continue to do so.

It's the age of personalized content. Invite your target audience to be part of the process rather than spectators. You can even hire digital companies like Nimblechapps to get things done digitally.

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