Java Programming Tips and Tricks to Become an Expert Developer

Java ever remains the most effective and versatile programming language which is largely used across the world. Java is the simplified version of C++, has gained its prominence and inevitability ubiquitously. Budding software developers can get the best knowledge about Java programming through the detailed tutorials that are available for them. There are some effective online courses where learners can learn Java basics and also the key Java tricks that will help in becoming an expert Java program developer. This post will help understand about few such effective Java tricks and an overall insight into the programming language.

Java Programming Tips and Tricks

1. The Key Java Trick

Experts have mentioned several effective Java tricks for the learners to excel in their Java programming. However, the first and the ever best trick are to PRACTICE. Yes, only hardcore practice will help in increasing the efficiency of Java programming.

2. Java List and Arraylist

Difference between Java List vs Arraylist is List is an interface while the Arraylist is a class which is used to implement the interface. An Arraylist shall also be defined as a standard collection class. There are even many other interfaces. It can be said that every Arraylist falls under the Java List category, while not all the Java List are ArrayList. Java List or simply called as List is common while the Arraylist is more convenient and precise.

Though both List and Arraylist belong to the Collection Framework, List can be defined as a collection of various elements in a sequence while the Arraylist has the ability to increase or decrease size through a dynamic array of objects. Java List can be used to create a list of objects that are related to the index numbers, while the Arraylist creates a dynamic array which has the list of objects created by the former.

3. Tricks to Improve Perfection

Java tricks can help the programmers to develop their product and to create programs quicker. Java is generally considered to be a time-consuming programme. Hence some tricks are essential for the developers to improve their skills.

4. Eclipse

Of course, this might be a familiar trick to many developers, but some beginners might definitely get beneficial by mentioning this here. When working in Eclipse Framework, for bringing up a widget which is showing all the shortcut keys that are available, the developer can press Ctrl+Shift+L.

5. Data Structures

Data structures such as LinkedList, Heaps, HashSet, Stack, HashMaps and so on might already be implemented on the Collection Framework, which contains several individual objects clubbed together as one unit.

Developers must have to keep an eye on the objects list and have clarity about the required object and the available objects. This will help to avoid creating duplications and time delays. Creating duplicate objects also occupies memory space, thereby ending up in memory scarcity for creating required objects.

6. Pen Down Coding

Beginners are strictly advised to use paper and pen for practicing coding, which will help in the flow of writing and also not committing errors in the live workspace.


Learning Java and becoming a professional in Java Programming can be more comfortable by following the basic tricks and practicing as much as possible.

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