Improve Internet Download Speed of Smartphones/Tablets Through Data Tracking

Relevance of data usage tracking Smartphone apps to increase internet download speed:

Special applications made for Smartphones and Tablets, often called 'Apps', consume data during download and after installation. Even if your data plan is unlimited and you have high speed internet, you may find your phone slows down once you've exceeded a data threshold set by your phone provider or if you're downloading more than one app at a time. One way to avoid downloading slowdowns on your phone is by tracking how much data you’re actually using on your phone, allowing you to pinpoint the problem.

Mobile Data Tracking:

Various data tracking applications are available for installation on Smartphones. You'll need an app that is made to work on your phone's mobile platform. Once you've downloaded and installed the application, you can view data usage consumption by app and associated activities.

For example, a tracking app can show you how much data the game you installed used to download. The app will also show how much data the game used while you played it and while you saved your game or connected with other players. If the game updates, you'll be able to see how much data it used to download and install the updates and how often it updates. You can track data usage for all your apps over a period of time, such as one month, to get a clearer idea of what apps use the most data and why.

Improving Download Speeds:

Once you know what applications consume the most data, you can remove the apps or tailor your downloading schedule. For example, if you know you have an app that uses a lot of data while running, shut that app down before you download anything. Look for pared down, more streamlined apps that do the same thing as your data-hogging apps. You may be able to find another app for your phone that does the same thing as the app you wants to remove without using as much data.

Try downloading apps wirelessly, using a high speed internet connection instead of using your mobile internet connection to download the app. You'll still need mobile internet service to install and run the app in most cases.

Warning Signs:

Check the most commonly reported data figures for your currently installed apps to make sure your installations are not using a lot more data than other users are reporting. If you have an app that uses significantly higher data than what other users report, your app may be infected or corrupted. Uninstall the app and run an anti-virus app if you suspect your phone has an infected application. If the app is corrupted, you'll have to uninstall and reinstall the Applications.

If you see data usage reported from an app you don't recognize, it's likely to be a virus. Viruses may cause your phone to use more data and have poor app performance and will slow your speeds in general. Run an anti-virus app immediately if you suspect a virus.

A data tracking app is very useful if you're having trouble with downloading, but you must check the results thoroughly, so you can identify the issue you're having. You may have to get rid of a problem app even if you can't find a replacement in some cases, particularly if the app in question is a major data consumer.

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