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Why Coding is Important Job Skill for Programmers and Developers?

Most of the people who make use of computer software, website and apps may have heard about coding. But, most of them don't know what e...
Most of the people who make use of computer software, website and apps may have heard about coding. But, most of them don't know what exactly coding is? In simple word, coding is problem solving and expression. Coding is what makes it possible for the programmers and developers to create websites, computer software, apps and many more solution that is being used in computer screens and mobile screens. The apps, social media platforms, OS and the websites you use all are made with the codes. Hence coding skills are so important for the programmers to excel in the web, software, and app development industry.

Why Coding is Important Job Skill?

Why Coding is Important Job Skill for Programmers in Software Development Industry?

Expression and problem solving

As said above coding is all about problem solving and expression. Whether the coding is practiced or used on a programming language or in varied applications, programmers and developers cultivate these two important things. Coding is used to bring the real outputs to be displayed on the screens and to realize the concepts of creating the apps and website. This is the reason why most of the app, website, and software development companies give importance to programming test when hiring the candidates for the role as a software application developer, web developer, computer system engineer, database administrator, computer system analyst, computer programmer, and more related fields.

Skills are important

Not everyone can become a successful coder or programmer. Even though everyone can learn to code, the candidates with the following skills can only become talented and successful professionals. The professionals with these skills can make use of myriad job opportunities in the market and the job provides the freedom to work from anywhere for the candidates. It is said that this job offers high wages for a few hours of work and the coders work on their passions and enjoy a sense of self-reliance. Here are the important skills that every coder should possess.


This is the most important skill that coder needs when starting with coding. The process seems to be completely overwhelming it the initial stages. With several programming languages to select from, confusions in whether to focus on the front end or back end, and where to start the coders find themselves in the troubles. There several resources to help the coders to learn more or someone may help you with how to do something. There may be a situation when coders feel to give up. But the coders who resist these problems can have long term success. Hence the coders should have the skills to master frustration, impatience, distraction, and the dependence on external factors and forces to solve technical problems.


Language skills are so important for a coder. There are several coding languages like Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, C# and more. The coder should know at least one of the languages to write codes for different applications. There is no need to learn all of the languages. But it is better to select one or two languages and to gain skills in it to increase the chances for better job opportunities. For the beginners, it is best to select Python, Ruby, and JavaScript since these are popular for their multi-faceted applications. Online programming test helps the employers to test the language skills of the candidates as a part of the hiring process.


A coder should have the problem-solving skills and should have the ability to figure the right conclusions from the given facts and proofs. This skill works as the skeleton of the coders. This is the fact behind many people who excel in maths and physics emerge as coders. Coders have to figure out the bugs, mistakes and bad lines of codes that create issues in a project. Even though this is partially intuitive, it is often a practice of logic. There are tools to provide the challenges and problems for the coders to develop reasoning skills.

Attention to detail

Most of the coders and programmers don't go to school to learn their profession. There are several methods to measure coding aptitude. But nothing can come as the effort the candidates make. This is one of the few trades in the world, where self-taught hard work brings a highly demanded and lucrative career. How closely the coder pays attention to detail helps the coder to minimize the risks in the unknown areas.

Recognition of stupidity

Computers are ruthless and dump. They have no creative thought or and are not independent. Their strength is their processing power and they work as what they are told to do even though it is a stupid thing. Hence coding with assuming the commonsense of a computer can result in disaster. Hence coder should recognize the stupid things and make use of the latest achievements in coding to make the computer to think brilliant, more independent and in productive ways. One such achievement is to create algorithms that help the computers to do heavy tasks with the help of artificial intelligence.

Abstract thinking

Abstract thinking is said as the foundation of coding. It is the ability to think about an object, subject or project in many different levels at once. The written code and its results can't be measured and observed physically. Hence it is so important for the coders to develop the ability of abstract thinking. It helps them to watch things from different angles and to draw straightforward analytical conclusions. Abstract thinking skills can be improved through discussion with others. Programming test is widely used by the companies to test the abstract thinking skills at the time of hiring the coders.


There is no doubt that coding is extremely a difficult task. You should expect to experience extreme frustration at all stages especially, at the beginning. The coder should withstand this frustration and move forward without feeling discouraged. Take the frustration as the best tool to develop patience. The coder should be confident about his writing and should check it double or triple times. If it still doesn't work, check for the mistakes and fix it. The coder should believe in his abilities to overcome frustration with patience.

Strong memory

Improvisation and innovation are extremely important in coding. There comes some situation when coder believes he knows nothing about a particular situation or project. But when he thinks hard and deep through the experiences, he can certainly find something useful. Strong memory is so important for the coder since it helps to recall important information with the help of several websites, infinite manuals, and tools that he is used to.

Scientific method

The coder should follow scientific methods and take a systematic approach to face the problems and challenges effectively since they make it so difficult to begin. In programming, most of the time is spent on developing the solutions for the never before solved problems in most of the cases. The coding should be treated as an experiment or research and should start with a hypothesis. This helps the coder to meet the deadlines.


This may be one of the most important skills that are not something related to the mental and manual labor of writing the code. Coders should have the ability to explain their activities with the clients, employers, co-workers, and customers to make them understand what they do. Communication helps a lot to give and take advice patiently which makes the coder feel so matured in the profession. Moreover, explaining the work to others helps a lot in self-evaluation of the work and boost up the memory power.


Empathy can be said as the art of awareness, comprehension, sensitivity and sharing emotions of other people. The ability to prioritize the feeling and priorities of others along with empathy helps a lot in increasing the coding skills of the coder.

Benefits of Learning Coding for Programmers

The above mentioned are some of the important coding skills that coder should possess. A talented coder can enjoy the following benefits.

Make own website

World Wide Web has changed the lives and it is continuing its services with no signs of stopping. Most of the businesses and services have gone online and to mobile apps. A website has become the skeleton or backbone of the present businesses. Anyone with coding skills or a coder can make own website to sell their skills to the targeted prospective employers.

Become a career coder

Job as a coder or computer programmer is one of the highly paid professions. The demand for talented coders exceeds the supply and hence there are no difficulties in finding a job for the coder. This demand assures an attractive salary for the programmers and coders.

Start own business

Candidates with coding skills can easily start their own web or software product development business. They can create the next famous social media platform, travel portal or any online portal that can generate good revenue. This is the path that most of the entrepreneurs with coding knowledge and skills select from. Some of the important businesses to start to include selling mobile apps, selling software, selling coding time, and e-commerce.

Understand how computers work

This is one of the important benefits of learning to code. Present people make use of computers, mobile phones, internet, apps, and software in regular life. But most of them don't know how it works. But coders are well aware of how these works and it is interesting to know that they can write own scripts to manage and perform routine tasks including handling data, sending emails, do calculations, edit texts and more.

Importance of Online Programming Test for Employers

Just a resume can't bring out the real coding skills of a coder or programmer in the hiring process. It is not practical or possible to conduct the hall-based practical test for several numbers of candidates. At the same time, employers look for programmers and coders with excellent skills. Here comes the importance of online programming tests. These tests help the employers to conduct the test online for any number of candidates without calling them to a location. These tests are developed by real experts to help employers in testing the skills before the interview process.

Saves time and effort

Most of the employers spend a good volume of time in testing the skills of coders as a part of the hiring process. But the process is made so easy with the online programming test platforms provided by the reputed online assessment test service providers. Employers can select the most perfect online coding test from the test library. The test can be customized as per the requirement and the link can be shared with the candidates through multiple channels. It helps the candidates to take the test from anywhere and the reports of each of the candidates are sent in detail to the employers to save good time and effort in the hiring process.

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TechGlobeX: Why Coding is Important Job Skill for Programmers and Developers?
Why Coding is Important Job Skill for Programmers and Developers?
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