Car Manufacturers Can Predict Failure via Diagnostic Online Searches

Google’s Autocomplete function is a great research tool. Before you’ve even completed your search, an artificial intelligence engine will have potentially completed it for you. The suggestions are based on what other users have entered. Try it next time you’re using Google. Type in ‘why does I...’ and see what it says.

Diagnostic Online Car Searches

Google actually uses search data to make predictions about a number of things. For example, the search giant can predict with reliable accuracy the likelihood of health epidemics based on the search terms people are entering in a certain geographic area. For example, if lots of people in the same area are searching ‘red rash on my leg’ and the same amount are searching ‘muscle weakness causes’, Google could splice this information together and predict that there’s a potential Lyme Disease problem about to happen.

It’s possible to plot other trends too. It’s been suggested that Google can measure sentiment in Google searches to predict civil unrest.

Researchers in the UK used the diagnostic technique to diagnose the most common issues with the nation’s cars. The team at Scrap Car Network collated all of the diagnostic searches related to the 20 best selling cars and pulled together some interesting findings.

The most common search was related to cars losing power. ‘Why is my Audi A3 losing power?’ was the most common search for that vehicle. Ditto the BMW 1 series. Beeping cars was another common diagnostic query. Kia Sportage, Fiat 500 and Peugeot drivers all made this search more than any other - an answer is usually a software or electrical fault.

Juddering cars was a worryingly common area of interest too. It’s a common problem and has a number of potential causes, ranging from spark plugs to fuel pressure. Nissan Juke and Mercedes A-Class drivers are common sufferers of this problem.

The researchers also discovered a lot about how people perceive car brands. As well as collating searches related to specific models they looked into searches made about car makes. This is potentially interesting information for the brands and marketers who are in charge of corporate reputations.

The most common searches were about reliability, suggesting that the most active searchers were considering a purchase. English brand Land Rover and French brands Citroen and Renault were all subjects of inquiries about the reliability. Skoda and Toyota, hardly glamorous brands, were perceived by the searches as the most reliable. The most common search about each brand was ‘why are Skoda/Toyota cars so reliable?’

Nowadays latest car models do come with build-in GPS tracker because it's now considered as a must-have feature in smart cars and as well as conventional cars. Some old car owners often search for latest car technologies and gadgets to make their car more secure and the kind of online search they do is mainly about ‘car GPS tracker’ to find their car when it gets lost or gets stolen.

There’s so much data around that sometimes it can overwhelm decision-makers. Often, the simplest sets of data can give us the most interesting insights. Health providers can predict illness outbreaks and car manufacturers can predict likely points of failure with their vehicles. Who’s to know what else we can predict?

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