Samsung Galaxy Note9: Top 8 Secret Hidden Features You Never Knew

It has been almost a year now since Samsung’s formidable flagship, the Galaxy Note 9 has been in the market. There are majorly positive reviews of the product and its incredible features and the capabilities have established it as a successful offering from the company. There is a high probability that even if you possess a Galaxy Note9, you haven’t explored all of its features yet, considering that there is a plethora of them available. The 6.4-inch device encompasses one of the fastest, if not the strongest processors, with high-quality mobile graphics chipsets which open new unexplored domains towards processing possibilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Secret Hidden Features

Let us list down some unique and hidden features of the Galaxy Note9, which makes it stand out from the crowd and enables you as an owner, to enjoy your device even more.

1) Handle text in a new manner

Let us start with how the new Note9 lets you play around with text. Bixby vision allows you to integrate itself with your camera. Next time you take your camera over a text, it can read it and save it to your device which can be used in any relevant applications e.g. searching something over the internet directly. It translates text for you from various languages, so let’s say you’re in Japan and want to read a label over a device, simply take your camera over it and it will translate it for you.

You can drag information via your S pen and press the translate tab from the quick menu. This would let you comfortably translate small strands or phrases of text as per your need.

2) Customizing the display

The Galaxy Note9 features a mesmerizing Quad HD display. Besides enjoying the routine mobile usage, you can do so much more with that AMOLED display. The Glance feature lets you drop any application into a smaller window, which can be dragged around conveniently to any part of the screen. Your S Pen is required to access Glance and you can select that from the Air Command menu.

Another benefit you can enjoy is that of live screens from your gallery. Just select a video from your library, and you can see 3 dots on the top right. Press that and you get the option to use the video as wallpaper. The selected video needs to be trimmed down to a 15 seconds length in order to be displayed as the background but gives quite an aesthetic feel once you’ve applied it.

3) Enhanced security and safety features

Your Note9 lets you enjoy added security and safety features especially contributed to Knox since it is designed to act as your digital wallet too. You can put individual locks on various applications especially the exclusive ones with your Samsung credentials. These can be unlocked using biometrics or passcodes.

Sending SOS messages is easier with the Note9 and you can do that without having to turn on your phone. Simply go to advanced settings and choose to Send SOS messages. Once enabled, you can attach pictures and audio recordings to your chosen emergency contacts by simple pressing the Power key three times in a row.

You also get to enjoy a Blue Light Filter from the drop-down menu at the top. This hinders the passage of the blue light, which is considered harmful for certain eye conditions over longer use. You can also access this from the settings menu by going into the display tab. The intensity and opacity of the filter can also be tweaked in accordance with the environmental light.

4) Exploring the potential of your S Pen

The new bluetooth enabled S Pen in the Galaxy Note9 lets you do so much more. Starting from something as simple as drawing sketches on your phone to giving a presentation to valuable clients via remote control, the S Pen offers an entirely new way to interact. Taking a selfie has never been easier from a considerable distance. Put your Note9 on a tripod and just press the pen button to take the perfect selfie without having to touch your device.

Your S Pen can be used for opening applications as well. Go to settings for the Pen and you can choose to rotate between apps and double-clicking the button will launch them, which is very convenient. Choose precise frames for screenshots with it, make animated GIFS, or alter your AR Emoji’s, the S Pen offers amazing fun and utility at the same instance.

5) Enjoy faster internet speeds

Your Galaxy Note9 plus comes equipped with the latest data transmission technology and chipset. This lets the device enjoy incredibly fast connectivity speeds likes of which you would find in actual notebooks. All you need is a data connection or a Wi-Fi formidable enough to support your device. With a capable device like this, the prospect of downloading and storing large data files would surely seem intriguing.

6) Changing your call settings

A number of tweaks can be applied to the way you take calls on your Note9. Go to caller settings from the right top and access the ‘Answering and Ending calls’ tab. There you can set the volume up button to pick up calls, which is very convenient when compared with swiping your finger for it. Likewise, ending calls can be configured with the Power button for added comfort.

Sometimes, when you are doing something important inside an application like writing the last line of an important email or text, an incoming call can disrupt that process by covering your entire screen. This can easily be handled on your Galaxy Note9 from the call settings. Simply select the option to show calls in a popup. That your calls will be displayed like a notification on the top when you are doing something important.

7) Tweaking your keyboard

Tired of using the same old keyboard style? Well, your Note9 lets you enjoy 4 different styles. Just enter any window where you need to add text. When the keyboard slides up, use the drop-down option on the top right of the keyboard and there you can change the style of your keyboard as per your liking.

You can also choose a high contrast keyboard from the settings, which adds a colorful vibe to it. Google Keyboard Beta is another option available, which unites AI and machine learning with your daily usage. So, the keyboard offers to facilitate suggestive text to aid you on your typing.

8) Let your phone freshen up on its own

With Android users, an important thing to do is to restart your phone every once in a while to let it clear its stored cache. Doing so also removes bad sectors and increases the speed of your device. There is an option available, which automatically lets you restart your device, once a week so you don’t worry about forgetting to do so. Go to the settings tab and choose the reset tab. There you can see the option of restart automatically, and voila, problem solved!

We could only list a handful of things you could do with your device, as the list of interesting features goes on and on and we could’ve been at it for days. Exploring your device on its own is the best way to go. You can also go through some detailed tutorials available on YouTube to help you unleash the full potential of your device. If you are planning to buy a new mobile device, we hope that you make the right decision, and the Galaxy Note9 would definitely be the right decision!

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