7 Best Tools to Download Audio / Video Streaming from Social Media Websites

Video streaming and Music surfing have been a part of our technology lives. From a small child to an old aged person, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy listening to great music and watching the best videos online. However, there is a challenge here which at least you would come across once during your digital routine.

Tools to Download Audio Video Streaming from Social Media Websites

Have you ever witnessed a situation where you would desire to download a media but not knowing the way? So, for the ones who remain with such a question in your mind, do have a peep into this article. The following seven downloaders are about to give you an idea of how specific tools can help in quickly downloading a media file into your phone or laptop.

Top 7 Best Tools to Download Audio and Video Streaming from Social Media Websites i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

1. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

Internet Download Manager or simply IDM is one of the best ever tool one must keep for downloading a web media content. To all the Windows users out there, you have this chance for downloading multiple files at the same time and can enjoy the download at an incredible pace.

Even the long audio or video file formats have a quick installation with this tool. Proxy servers, redirects, Http, cookies, FTP, firewalls, and a lot more servers are highly compatible with Internet Download Manager. If suppose, your PC gets crashed during a media file download, never mind; as Internet Download Manager can readily resume from your file which is put to download after the PC comes back to its functioning. Goodbye to unnecessary internet wastage and poor functions like re-downloading.

2. Instagram Downloader

There are a lot of good factual videos and at the same time, vibrant colored clippings on various sources inside Instagram. Remaining as people’s favorite, you must have hurdled when you can’t download your cutest song or that funny video from a post profile.

No worries. Install Instagram Downloader to download Instagram videos and photos from Play Store for free and copy the link of the audio or video seen on Instagram. Paste it inside the toolbar and your media will be downloaded within seconds.

3. YooDownload

You may have come across tools that are highly pertaining to some social webs like ‘only YouTube’ or ‘only Instagram’. But by having just one online downloader you can any audio or video input file simply through link’s cut, copy and pasting method.

You need to search online for YooDownload and do the paste process. You will be resulting with your favorite audio or video file from either, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook, in your gadget. With a simple interface and also the addition of an explicit instruction page, even a child can download a media from this website.

4. Download Twitter Video

How nice will it be to have a link for your favorite Twitter video, paste it somewhere, and start downloading? And the ‘somewhere’ in this context is Download Twitter Video. This Twitter Video Downloader tool typically takes the strain of searching, scanning, and filing of your video formats.

You must have the link of your video of the downloadable one, install the tool on your gadget, paste the link on the bar given inside the downloaded and that’s it. It is as simple as said. You have your Twitter video downloaded. Make sure to choose the type of file (Mp3, Mp4 or Mp4 HD) of your Twitter video clipping for the download.

5. JDownloader

JDownloader remains as one of the best tools ever to have an ad-free experience on downloading a media file online. The primary feature that distinguishes this software from other web downloaders is the availability of plugins for various accessories.

There are about 300 plugins in this tool for making your media download a comfortable procedure. One can even pause and schedule the media file, which is ready for a download. Auto-extracting archives and setting bandwidth limitations are some of the powerful features of this tool. As a user, you are even permitted for downloading multiple file formats through JDownloader, which is why this tool stands as one of the best web downloaders for a media.

6. Ninja Downloader

With the booming of good technologies comes a tool that has to be given rewards and appreciations, pointing out for its modern appearance. Ninja Downloader is all set to make you go awestruck with the cool color tone of black that is immensely easing downloads for users.

Having said about its appearance as neat, one must also take note of its elegant UI which offers an excellent simplified user interface with support for sequential download option. Parallel downloading of media files from any web is possible through this tool.

7. EagleGet

If you are feeling doubtful for downloading a particular media file from some social site for some malware issue, then you don’t have to anymore; as you can install EagleGet on your device and enjoy a protective download of all your videos and audios, since this software is already with a built-in malware detector. Sequential downloads are also possible here. What not?

You can enjoy every customization from this tool with completely free of cost. However, remember to agree upon viewing a few advertisements and spams. But sill you are assured for a secured download, again at the fastest bandwidth speed possible.


That’s all for the checklist of top 7 best social media audio and video downloaders to download any media across the web like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Still, there are good tools out there which can benefit for your media download thirst, but the mentioned seven are best picked out from many. And don’t forget to share what you have taken back from this article with your friends and family circles.

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