Top 10+ Best Small Business Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

One of the main reasons why small businesses are not successful is the lack of financing. In fact, financial tasks like monitoring expenses consistently, sending out invoices, and keeping track of taxes and payroll could prove to be pretty overwhelming particularly, you are busy trying to establish and grow your small business. While these financial tasks are critical to achieving business success, they are certainly exasperating and would be involving more resources and time than you could actually devote.

Small Business Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Keeping pace with the financial aspects of your small business could prove to be an unending task. From just the invoices to the expenses every day accounting and handling IRS, it seems to be a huge wonder how entrepreneurs are actually taking out time to produce goods and provide services. Fortunately, technology has come up with an amazing array of tools for saving small business owners’ headache and time on every-day financial tasks. You may explore some of the best tools for streamlining your small business’s entire financial management process.

Best Money-Saving Apps for Your Business

Here are some effective apps that are meant to help you save some money.


Earny would be obtaining funds automatically once prices go down on certain items that you have bought already. It is extremely frustrating and utterly disappointing to find that what you just purchased is now displayed on sale. Earny comes to your aid in such a situation. It would automatically monitor when retailers actually bring down the prices. It would be contacting the brand or company for getting back the difference. You could save some money without even lifting your finger.


Digit is a smart money-saving app for you and your business. It would be determined precisely how much you could save and it saves that much amount for you. Digit is able to determine accurately how much you should consider putting aside as your savings. To arrive at this conclusion, Digit needs to do meticulous research and analysis of your spending history, account balances, and upcoming bills for calculating accurately the amount you could really afford to save.  If the app thinks that you could do with a little more savings, it would transfer the extra funds automatically to specifically your Digit account. You are free to withdraw your money whenever you wish.

Top-Notch Small Business Apps Best for Communication

Communicating effectively is crucial for everyday financial operations of various small businesses. Here are some premium communication apps for boosting efficiency and productivity in your small business operations.


Addappt is great for managing your contacts. If you and your contacts are using Addappt, your family, friends, and business contacts would be updating and upgrading their contact information. All these changes or rectifications could extend to your cell-phone automatically. This surely makes it immensely easier and convenient to effectively manage your contacts. You could consider organizing contacts into distinct groups and transmit messages through the app.


Fuze is supposed to be a video conferencing application that could be used for hosting online financial meetings practically for all sorts of devices, as well as, operating systems including tablets and iPad. This tool is known for providing Crisp audio and high-definition video. Moreover, it is quite easy and simple to set up and even easier to download.

Small Business Apps for Invoicing

Invoice Ninja

Starting your own small business could prove to be extremely challenging without the burden of paying a salary to a qualified accountant for doing all your invoices on your behalf. By using an effective invoicing tool just like Invoice Ninja, you would be allowed to make your own invoices and get the payment via a host of mediums in a broad spectrum of currencies, keep aside an amount for expenses and taxes and even consider working together with teams.


Invoicera is just right for different business sizes. This tool stands out from the rest thanks to its free invoicing templates which could be transformed into PDF files, plus into different currencies or languages for international customers. The most striking feature of Invoicera is its capacity to forecast revenues thus, making it just right for generating budgets for projects. You could consider using Invoicera for three people for free. However, you have the liberty to upgrade whenever you want.

Top-Grade Business Apps for Financial Accounting

These top-grade financial accounting tools could be streamlining the financial activities, taxes, and payroll and convey a better impression of the overall financial health of the company.

Gusto makes your organization’s tax, payroll, and benefits more efficient. Moreover, it deals with federal, local, and state tax filings and new-hire reporting. It is great for automating deductions for benefits; email digital employees’ pay stubs, as well as, workers’ comp payments. In this connection, you must know that you could browse debt consolidation ratings to identify reliable debt relief agencies and perfect debt solutions.

Best Small Business Apps for Effective Time Management

Time is money. Time is really a very precious asset and it should not be wasted but should be fully utilized. Let us explore some of the most effective time management apps for assisting you in organizing your schedule and focusing on the most vital tasks at hand.


RescueTime is great because it can track how long you were on a website or using an application and generate detailed reports for you to review later. It has very granular settings that will allow you to let it send you notifications if you spend too long on an activity. This app lets you reclaim the time you waste on distracting apps and sites and become more productive. It is cross-platform and supports PC, Linux, Mac, and Android.

My Minutes

This iPhone-only app is a great service that lets you set time-based goals and stick to them. Objectives are in the format "Do X for Y minutes", like "Spend one hour on email" or "workout for 45 minutes". It works really well for people who know how long they want to spend on a particular activity and want to stick to those times.

Top Business Apps Meant for Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment apps are great for accepting payments for your business from clients on the go. They are used for tracking business expenses. Here are the two most popular options.


Square is supposed to be an ideal payment app for businesses like beauty salons, food trucks, and retail shops.  The users of Square would be getting a compact portable card reader which could be attached to a cell phone or any other mobile device for taking quick, convenient, payments. Square has come up with a point-of-sale system known as Square Register meant for brick-and-mortar outlets. The Square Register is highly-compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

PayPal Here

PayPal actually reacted when Square was introduced. It created an app that allowed businesses to attach the card reader of PayPal to a tablet or some other device and start using it as an effective portable register. The PayPal Here is an excellent app for all those businesses that require to be paid literally, on the go.


Running a business is quite a daunting exercise but you could do so without any stress if you seek assistance from top-grade business apps. Choose one or more of the above-discussed apps for the smooth running of your business.

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