Top 7 Ultimate Content Creation Tools for Content Writers

Content is king. Creating high-quality and evergreen for your site is the first step to getting high ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), better user engagement, and higher conversions. Generating such high-value content never goes easy. Today, a lot of people find it hard to create and polish their articles to match the increasing demand for top-quality content. This is why a lot of online tools for writers have been developed to help you create mind-blowing pieces for your blog.

Content Writing Tools for Content Marketing

1. The Writing Mentor App

The Writing Mentor is a Google Docs Add-on designed to help you polish your work. The app utilizes natural language processing (NLP) to assess and generate feedback about the writing quality of your document. This implies that you will need to start by creating complete documents before turning to the app for help.

The Writing Mentor runs on a desktop or laptop only because Google Docs are not supported on mobile phones. It generates feedbacks on text structure, flow, spelling, grammar, and word choice. Every piece of text you check on Writing Mentor should not be over 5000 words.

Note: This tool does not work with smartphones and tablets because it requires high resolution.

2. Manuscript

To generate high-value content for your blog, there is no doubt that you must be organized from the beginning to the end. Manuscript is a writing tool designed to help you keep track of everything before starting to write. This allows you to keep growing your idea and going deeper until your write-up is completed.

The tool is especially effective when you need to create lengthy posts, e-books, and guides. It allows you to keep track of notes and design intricate plots so that readers can easily grasp what you want to bring out. Well, writing can never be easier!

3. Quoll Writer

Sometimes even bloggers find it hard to maintain focus, especially when working on complex topics. Now, Quoll Writer is here to help. The tool is designed to assist you in writing of coherent papers. The tool is feature rich and uses minimal interface so that you can focus on the text under consideration.

Bloggers prefer it because it helps them to transfer their ideas into words and make reading easy. This implies that your readers will always be eager to read through the next section/ chapter when they finish the current one.

To make your content generation easier, Quoll Writer allows you to manage multiple projects in one place. This means that you can easily create different scoops or their variations for different platforms such as blog, website, landing page, and social media.

4. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

When people see your piece on search engine result pages (SERPs), they only take a few seconds, less than three, to decide whether to click through and read more. Therefore, how do you make visitors click through? You need a captivating headline. The Coschedule Headline Analyzer is a tool designed to help you analyze and craft winning headlines.

The tool allows you to summarize your content into a powerful heading that will make people want to read more. It also ensures that your title has the right number of words and characters. After putting a lot of effort crafting notch composition, consider using this tool to get the right title.

5. Hemingway

The next useful tool is Hemingway is another leading tool designed to help you polish your work before publishing. It is an in-depth grammar checker that helps you to check different aspects of your content. For example, it identifies lengthy sentences that are structurally complex to read and suggests that you simplify them. It also identifies sentences that can confuse clients and provides alternative words to those that are inappropriately placed.

To get more from Hemingway, it is advisable to start by creating high-quality papers and using the tool in the last stages before publishing. Note that you can either use the free online editor or buy the downloadable version.

6. EssayPro

One thing that bloggers need to appreciate is that writing is not an easy thing. In many cases, you have a lot of things to do such that even time to relax might be limited. That won’t you make you worry you anymore because professional essay writers online from EssayPro are here to help. The service comprises of writing experts who are ready to create professional pieces for you. You outline your paper requirements and professionals will deliver you the best content you can ever think of. It is that easy! Here are some of the key reasons why you should use EssayPro:

● You do not have to worry about cliché, plagiarism, running sentences, or duplicate content.
● The writers are experts in their fields and always deliver more than you ask.
● Your blog pieces are completed in record time.

Even if you are just starting a blog, do not grapple trying to craft pieces that will ultimately not sell: let the experts at EssayPro assist you. Why create average pieces when this useful tool can craft ever-green and mind-blowing content for you?

7. Cliché Finder

When you write articles for your blog, it is easy to repeat words, phrases, or expressions that make them look stale. In other cases, you could end up with running sentences that can compromise the appeal of your content. Such stale and overused items are referred to as cliché. To eliminate cliché, you should consider using Cliché Finder.

The tool uses advanced algorithms to identify all the stale items so that you can improve your communication. After putting a lot of effort crafting your content, do not let cliché compromise its ranking or repel clients. Use the free Cliché Finder to clear all the cliché.

To succeed in blogging and digital marketing, you need to provide your audience with high-quality content. If you do not feel confident about creating quality pieces, it is important to try and learn about the process. Though talent is crucial, it only accounts for 10% of how good your write-up will be. The remaining 90% requires you to work hard and constantly develop your skills. This is why you should use the above tools and seek expert assistance for the assurance of high-quality work.

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