Video Marketing: Importance of Using Animated Video on Social Media

Are you looking for the most effective way to stand out on social media for your business product and service? Well, the Infographic will give you the magic formula for business advertisement and promotion. An Animated Video can be a potent tool to boost your business on social media.

Importance of Using Animated Video on Social Media

Animated Video is a short video in beautiful audio-visuals that captivate the audience’s attention. These videos combine the visual, auditory, and emotional factors that let the audience connect to it. It is seen that a human mind understands and retains visual imagery for a longer duration. And therefore, an animated video is very likely to build a strong resonance inside the viewers for a long time.

People love watching videos rather than reading from a text. It is noted that people spend almost 2.6 times more on average in browsing the videos. So, won’t it be fruitful if you invest in a medium that will increase your viewership? Around 59% of the marketers believe that people tend to watch videos over reading a text which seems dull and monotonous to them. Animated videos are simple in content and easy to understand. We can make the animated characters perform actions which texts cannot. Also, with animations, you can convey your message in an interesting manner.

Animated Videos can be shared on different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for generating a mass audience. You may also include personal data in Animated Videos that will give it a personal touch and would bring the audience closer.

Such Videos are budget-friendly too. Creating an explainer video in animation involves lesser production costs as compared to live video or a film shot. Animation can prove to be really effective in social media campaigning. You can always customize the video as per your requirements. Thus, there is a lot of scopes to modify the video to bring out the best results. The autoplay of the Newsfeed video makes these videos play without utterance. These videos are highly entertaining and present factual information in a very pleasant manner.

With so many perks of Animated Videos, it is highly suggested to use it for promoting your business products and services. This will multiply the Online Engagement and increase your website traffic. Majority of the marketers believe that animated video is a good way of branding. Indeed, Animated Videos are taken to be the most effective and persuasive medium for reaching out to the masses in Social Media and stimulate your business. You can learn more about the importance of using animated videos on social media in an Infographic below developed by "Prismart".

Importance of Using Animated Video on Social Media - Infographic

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