Rise of the Robots: The Impact on Careers and Jobs of Economist

You might have often wondered whether all those technological Sci-Fi films will ever turn into reality, and the movies and TV shows we’ve all seen about the invasions and the rise of robots, always seem so far into the future and distant to our own reality in 2019.

“Robots and AI will increasingly replace routine kinds of work - even the complex routine performed by artisans, factory workers, lawyers and accountants” - Justin Reich

Rise of the Robots and its Impact on Careers and Jobs

However, new research from Leisure Jobs has shown the distant future might not be quite as distant as we had imagined. According to them, 47% of the human workforce will be replaced by the year 2035 - which isn’t very long to wait!

47% is a large number and puts a lot of jobs at risk, and their research delves a little deeper into how and who is under the most threat.

Are Economists at risk?

According to research, Economists are facing a replacement likelihood of 43%. This means almost half of Economist job roles could be replaced by robots, by the year 2035 - which may be enough likelihood to make you a little hot under the collar. The workplace gender for economists is 69% male and 31% female, which means in this case, for this specific career, more men are at risk.

Why are Economists at risk?

If you take a look at the Economist job role, it’s primarily made up of research, data collecting, and collective learning. Their job is to look at patterns with society and how society distributes their economy - looking for shifts in patterns, inflation, exchange rates, employment levels, etc.

Many years ago before the rise of technology, this research will have been primarily done manually, with economists studying papers, cheques, deeds, and documents. However, with the rise in technology and how easy technology and software makes the gathering of data - a lot of the workload can now be analyzed digitally using various algorithms or formulas. This side of the job wouldn’t be difficult to pass across to robots, and that’s why the risk factor for this job role is relatively high.

Which other jobs face a high risk?

There are many other jobs that face risk from being replaced. As mentioned above, a lot of these careers tend to be routine focussed, or data focussed - where the key elements of the job can be replicated easily by advanced technology.

Some of the other high-risk jobs are Payroll Officers, Couriers, Butchers, Taxi Drivers, Plasterers etc. and you can also find out what percentages these careers fall in by seeing following Infographic developed by team Leisure Jobs.

Rise of the Robots: The Impact on Careers and Jobs of Economist

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