What is PRINCE2 Certification and How Beneficial is it for Project Managers

Everyone likes to excel in their professional career. If you are in the project management field, then you need to learn the thriving discipline to advance in your professional life. The best step is to take the highly reputed PRINCE2 course that provides valuable knowledge about project management concepts and its application in the project management lifecycle and why businesses give importance to PRINCE2 certificate holders.

PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 – Concept, Introduction, And Definition

PRINCE2 is the acronym for “Projects in Controlled Environment” which is the most popular project management methodology. It improves your skills in the project management with the effective output. It focuses on dividing a project into different stages that are easy to control and manage.

PRINCE was established in 1989 based on PROMPT and was preceded by PRINCE2 in 1996. The training available in different languages improves your project management skills. Developed for the government project in the UK, it is now used in the private sector due to its following features:
  • It provides a defined organization structure for your team.
  • It focuses on the business justification.
  • The training has a product-based planning approach.
  • It divides the projects into stages that are easy to control as well as manage.
  • It provides the flexibility that you can apply at any level of the project.
The process-based approach provides complete control of the project and focuses on the organization. So, it does not forgo its control from the start of the project to its conclusion. The PRINCE2 course and training ensures the projects are planned thoroughly before initiation and structures each stage. Therefore, before the project ends, all the loopholes are neatly secured.

The PRINCE2 certification has six aspects also known as performance goal or tolerances, seven principles, seven themes, and seven processes.

How Is It Being Adopted In The Recent Times?

The globally recognized certification has its roots in the UK. It started as a method used in large-scale government projects. But, it is adopted in different countries around the world like Australia and Western European countries. It is used in both public as well as private sector projects.

Career Benefits Of Taking A PRINCE2 Certification!

Are you working in project management? Then, PRINCE2 certification is essential for you and your organization. Are you wondering why? It is due to the following benefits:
  • The certification from a reputed source can provide you greater control of your resources.
  • You acquire the ability to manage the project as well as business risk effectively.
  • It is an invaluable asset to your career. As you gain knowledge about the universal language of project management, it will help your employers take notice of you.
  • With the certification, you can earn 20% more than your peers with no certification.
Essential Aspects About PRINCE2 Course That Everyone Should Know!

PRINCE2 Certification Training has different features that you need to know like:
  • You can take the three level qualification examinations depending on your demand. So, you can take Foundation, Practitioner or Professional certification. People working in the Agile Project Management Environment can take the Prince2 Agile qualification.
  • Prince2 managed by AXELOS (a joint venture of Cabinet Office and Capita) is an open book examination that uses objective testing.
  • The examination has no Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirement. But, you have to re-register it every three to five years.
The PRINCE2 certification can improve your job and salary prospects. But, you need to choose the best source to provide you with the training. So, getting the PRINCE2 Certification course offered by various internet-based platforms like Simplilearn will provide you with the knowledge and skills to execute projects effectively and gain a global appeal. Make the right choice to give a big boost to your career.

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