Mac vs Windows PC: 5 Reasons Why Mac is Better than Windows PC

For decades, the debate has raged on. Those who are loyal to the Windows PC have been engaged in a battle of wits with Mac loyalists over which platform is better than the other. Though both sides do pose valid arguments, there can only be one winner. Simply put, Mac computers are better than Windows PCs by a mile.

Mac vs Windows PC

But first, let’s clarify something. Macs are also personal computers and in fact, a Mac computer can still run Windows software. The distinction we are making here is between computers made by Apple and those made by other Windows PC manufacturers.

But how do we determine which platform outclasses the other?

Here are 5 reasons why Macs outclass Windows PCs.

1. User Experience

How you interact with your computer will determine whether you live a life of harmony or hate the world around you. Yes, the user experience is that serious. Thanks to their instability, PCs have always had poor user experience, especially if you consider how Windows has been designed. Macs, on the other hand, have always been stable, clean, and easy to use. For example, Apple has optimized MacBook Pro accessories to ensure great performance and quality. The user interface is beautiful and shows a high level of refinement, unlike Windows which is always crashing for some flimsy reason.

2. Seamless Integration

Unlike PCs, Macs can seamlessly integrate with iOS devices. This is because both the hardware and software that Macs use are designed by Apple. This allows the company to create an OS and apps that are tailor-made for the Mac. For example, you can send a text via your iPhone and continue the conversation on your iPad or Mac computer. PCs don’t have this sophisticated level of integration, even though they have tried to copy what Apple has achieved.

3. Fewer Options to Choose From

When you want to buy a PC, you have to select from hundreds of options. Yet PC manufacturers are not guided by a unified vision. Not so with the Mac. There are only a handful of Mac computers to choose from, including MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Air, and iMac. All Mac computers are guided by a single vision, and you are guaranteed to find one that fits your specs requirements, lifestyle, and budget. Less is often more.

4. Security

Let’s be honest. PCs are terribly vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and viruses. This is especially true of Windows software, which some claim is actually malware. Macs, however, don’t suffer such attacks as much. Mac users are always happy to remind PC loyalists of how invulnerable their platform is, and though there has been an increase in online attacks and hacks, Macs are still way more secure than PCs.

5. Build Quality

When it comes to cost, PCs are much cheaper than Macs. There is a good reason for this. PCs are built to be used for simple tasks like browsing the internet or working. However, Macs have a higher caliber of build quality due to the superior components, beautiful styling, and insane attention to detail. The build quality is simply incomparable.

To the winner go the spoils. Macs continue to have a high user satisfaction rating, thanks to great user experience, seamless integration, unique options, invulnerable security, and amazing build quality. These are just some of the reasons why Macs are better than PCs.

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