Top 5 Successful Online Business Stories, Facts, and Stats

As one of the single biggest technological innovations made by man, the internet has changed the world. It’s provided us with a tool that connects continent to continent. Allied to a global postage system, we can today run a business from Bangkok and send people packages in Beirut, Berlin, Birmingham, and Bratislava. It makes it possible for us to run businesses all over the world.

Successful Online Business Stories, Facts, and Stats

However, it has also spawned a small collection of successful companies who are, without doubt, ahead of any chasing pack. Companies like Amazon, eBay, and Google all dominate their own particular part of the industry. On top of that, we have companies like Facebook and Twitter helping to determine what kind of news we read. It’s changed how we communicate for the best, but has it changed business for the worst?

Let’s take a look at some of the stats that show us the dominance of popular online platforms, Best veneers have also created an interesting Infographic. These are some of the biggest successful online businesses in the world, using their power and dominance to command the entire online market. These numbers alone show us just how powerful each company has become.

Successful Online Business Stories, Facts, and Stats

1. YouTube - Always Watching, Always Waiting

Take YouTube, for example. It’s easily among the largest providers of on-demand entertainment on the web. However, it’s scale can seem almost dizzying. In a single day, YouTube takes in as many as five billion video views. Just imagine that scale for a moment: that’s a huge percentage of the global population watching videos on a daily basis!

That’s insane and shows you just how quickly YouTube has grown to become a dominant part of the online sphere. Go back a decade, and YouTube was still quietly growing. In that single day, YouTube produces something akin to $35m of advertising every day.

YouTube has asserted itself as a market leader when it comes to media dominance. It’s without a doubt one of the largest companies of its kind and easily holds dominion over anyone else in the industry. It just goes to show the immense scale and power YouTube holds.

2. Facebook - Talking All The Time

On the other side of the online fence is Facebook. Facebook brings in over six billion likes in any given day. It also sees around 1bn new and unique users sign on every single day. That shows you just how many people use Facebook, and how they have been able to tap into and utilize that immense market share to continue their rise to social media dominance and control.

On top of that, we have seen that Facebook produces on average 432,000 new user profiles every day. That’s incredible. It shows you how quickly it has become the go-to choice for online chatter and communication and plays such a key role in our day to day lives.

Many people might not even realize it, but the scale in which Facebook is used today is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in social interaction.

3. TripAdvisor - Seeing The World

If you intend on going on holiday anytime soon, there is a good chance that you will take a look at TripAdvisor. It has become the go-to site for those who want to get a more in-depth understanding of the places they wish to see, locations they wish to visit and experiences they would like to participate within.

Seeing the world is a fun thing to do, but having a good idea of what you are going to see is even better. With the help of our expertise and knowledge, you can make sure that you are arriving in good time – and with ample knowledge. With over 5.7m reviews left on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why so many turns to TripAdvisor when they want to learn about the world. With over 14.5m unique visitors each day, too, it’s easy to see why seeing the world is so easy with TripAdvisor.

4. Amazon - Sales, Sales, Sales

Amazon has become among the first companies on the planet to reach a market value of $1tn. They are without a doubt one of the largest companies on the planet, and they pull I close to $488m of revenue in one single day. No other company can match that kind of scale most likely, with their ‘supermarket but online’ approach meaning we buy so many items from Amazon we never even logged on to buy.

With this, we can see just how Amazon has grown in scale. They are one of the largest businesses in the world without a doubt, and their presence online is one of the most obviously felt. If you want to buy something, there is a pretty good chance that you will take your chances on Amazon before you even thinking about looking elsewhere: those revenue statistics confirm that.

5. Steam - The World of Gaming

In the gaming world, Valve-launched gaming platform called Steam and it has become the largest and most easily recognized online gaming platforms. Every day, 11,000 plus new members sign up and over 1m games are sold. Every day. the gaming industry has grown and blown up from once being a nerdy side-attraction of the internet into becoming one of its most powerful and useful tools.

ESports is growing all the time and with it a desire for people to get into the online gaming industry. With Steam, people can pick up classic games which are making people millionaires the world over. From the likes of Steam, where so many games are bought, to Twitch, where over 14.5m unique viewers tune in every day, it’s easy to see where the power in the gaming world has come from: an insatiable desire and an audience that never has stopped growing.

As you can see, then the internet has made the creation of ‘super companies’ so much easier. The global reach, the constant communication and the ease of which we can buy whether it’s 12AM on a Saturday night or 3PM on a Tuesday afternoon ensure such growth is only likely to continue. Make no mistake: the big internet companies create commerce on a scale we could only have dreamt of a decade ago.

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