Top 4 Best Tracking Apps to Find Your Lost or Stolen Smartphone

Come on, let’s just admit it that we can live without food – for a few days or so –, but not without our smartphones, not even a single second. In the current era, technology has dominated our lives to the extent that living even a single moment without it feels like we’ve moved back to the Stone Age. In short, smartphones are now a vital part of our life.

Best Tracking Apps to Find Lost or Stolen Phone

Now, imagine that your phone gets lost somewhere or stolen from you. What would you do now? Give up on your phone? Or, try to recover it back? I bet you would prefer to go for the latter. Why? It is because you know that when you lose a phone, you won’t only lose a few dollars gadget but also a lot of important data that would harm you if ended up in wrong hands.

The best way to get back your lost phone or at least purge the important data before letting it get to wrong hands is by considering the use of top best iphone tracking app and as well as android tracking app if you use both Mobile OS platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones out there.

1. Cerberus Anti-theft

If you want a total solution to all your ‘I lost my mobile phone’ problems, then Cerberus Anti-theft is the app you should be using. It can remotely control your phone, giving you a total access to some powerful features such as getting the list of calls received or made from the phone, recording the audio, and, if worst comes to worst, wiping both the internal and external memory of the phone. The best thing about this app is that it can be used even without internet access.

2. Find My Phone

Whether you’ve misplaced your phone and don’t remember where, or lost it somewhere, Find My Phone can help you find it with ease. It is one of the best phone trackers out there that can its exact location via SMS. In case you’ve misplaced your phone and missed the important data, you can ring it via this app at maximum volume so you may know its location. You can track your phone’s location via web and also have its data erased if you believe that you’ve lost your phone for good. Just pay the fee one time and get a lifetime license for the app.

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Download on more than 50 million devices, Lookout security & antivirus is your best bet to locate your phone on google map or access backup data remotely. The app allows its users to remotely lock the phone and even trigger the alarm even if the device is in silent mode. The best feature of this app is that it can inform the owner of the mobile’s last known location recorded before its battery is exhausted.

4. Where’s My Droid

As the name suggests, Where’s My Droid allows you to track your phone no matter where it is. The app has some great features that make it the ‘Grand Daddy’ of all the mobile app trackers out there. Take for instance its GPS Flare, a feature that sends the mobile’s last known location signal to the owner. It can also send an alert to the owner notifying the owner if the SIM is being changed. You can get some more dynamic features if you go for the Pro version using which you can also take pictures using the mobile’s camera.

The aforementioned are some of the best apps you can use to track back your stolen phone. So if you’ve lost your phone, you stay relax and use these apps to recover your phone.

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