Top 5 Cool Tech Gadgets to Make Your Life Better

This year has been about technological improvements in various gadgets, making the home and car feel more personal and the introduction of screens everywhere. Here are some of the coolest tech gadgets trending this year to make your life better. Have a look.

Top 5 Cool Tech Gadgets

1. LED Light Bars

The LED light bars for cars have been an attraction for people who love road trips this year. Utilizing LEDs kits on 4x4 and other off-road vehicles is becoming a trend – maybe you don’t realize what you are missing until you check out one. It’s nothing like the traditional lighting options for cars. Read some LED light bar reviews here. Most of the drivers are excited to upgrade their vehicles with LED for best illumination and style. If you haven’t read about them yet, start your research.

2. Philips Smart Sleep

Here is another amazing gadget trending this year. The Philips smart sleep headband is just not to help you sleep more but it is great to make you feel most relaxed while sleeping. This headband is specially designed with a slow wave sleep which brings your brain to a sleeping and relaxed state.

3. Lenovo Smart Display

When we talk about gadgets, Lenovo is playing a big smart role in technological development. How? Well, the amazing Google assistant with such a cool smart display is the most attractive thing this year!

This smart display is basically a voice-activated computer which displays the additional info. For instance, when you will ask for the best restaurants near your location, all the suggestions will pop up right away.

You can play YouTube videos and it has a large screen with more features that easily sync into your other home devices and application.

4. Honda 3E Robotics Concept

Surprising? It is. This concept of robots is not just adorable, it is useful as well. Honda has gone next level with such creativity. These 3E robots are designed to offer service for few functions. They are small in size. This concept basically showcases the support that robotics can provide to people in form of understanding and compassion. Made for small tasks but this robotics can greet the crowd. Isn’t that cute?

5. Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality Glasses

You must be thinking what’s so new about smart glasses this year? Let me explain how Vuzix blade augmented reality glasses are trending hot. Alexa is there in almost every internet product. Now it has made its way to these smart glasses as well. With this advancement, you can get directions and weather reports via your smart glasses. Its display is so colorful and updated as it’s made of Google Glass. With the introduction of some apps for these augmented reality glasses, developers will capture a big market for them easily.

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