10+ Accidental Technological Inventions That Changed The World

Accidental Historical Innovations

In the modern era, human beings have access to some truly wonderful technologies which can make our day-to-day lives much more comfortable and productive. Whether it’s the smartphone you use to stay in touch with your family or your microwave oven to quickly whip up a meal, there are many things that we take for granted and don’t realize the role luck played in their creation. In this post we will discuss 10+ famous and greatest technological inventions that were discovered by accident or by mistake.


You will be surprised at just how many innovations throughout history were totally unintentional and came about due to sheer chance and good luck, without which we may not have some of our most beloved modern-day amenities. For example, did you know that the pacemaker accidentally came about due to a mistake by the inventor pulling out the wrong component from a box?

There are many more recorded examples of such serendipitous turns of fortune. In today's Infographic which is designed and developed by GetVoIP features 12 of the most important innovations throughout history that were discovered by accident.

X-Ray Technology

X-Ray technology can help those in the medical profession detect and study a plethora of problems which otherwise would be very difficult to see. X-Rays were discovered by chance one day when one Wilhelm Roentgen was conducting an experiment with cathode rays and noticed that fluorescent cardboard left behind a thick screen lit up.


Teflon is a versatile material most commonly used as a non-stick coating on kitchenware but can also be fashioned into clothing. The material was accidentally discovered by Roy Plunkett who was attempting to make new Chlorofluorocarbons. To his surprise, he found that one of his experiments did not become a gas but formed into white flakes of Teflon.


Matches are another commonly used modern amenity created by total chance. Chemist John Walker used a mixing stick to mix up a concoction of chemicals and found a dry lump had formed on the end of the stick. After trying to scrape off the lump he inadvertently ignited it and discovered the friction match.

Safety Glass

We come across safety glass a lot more often than we may realize as it is used in everything from vehicle windows to shower doors. This material was another of history’s accidental gems as it was discovered when Edouard Benedictus knocked a flask off the table. The flask did not shatter into a million pieces as expected, with Benedictus finding that the flask was protected by plastic cellulose nitrate.

There are plenty more innovations and technologies made throughout history which have not been intentional but nonetheless reaped rich rewards. It just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life find us rather than us finding them!

Infographic about Accidental Technological Discoveries That Changed The World


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