Groupon Interesting Facts and Statistics You Didn't Know [Infographic]

Considering that Groupon started just 10 years ago, the fact that it is now valued at around 3 billion dollars is a really inspiring story. It just goes to show how you can turn a great idea into an excellent business venture.

It started out simply enough – the company set up its website. Businesses were presented with a rather unique proposition. Advertise with Groupon without paying a cent upfront. In fact, advertise with Groupon without ever paying cash for the adverts.

Groupon Interesting Facts and Statistics You Didn't Know

All businesses had to do was to offer a discount voucher on Groupon. Something that many would do as a matter of course anyway. Now, granted, the discount was quite large – Groupon Marketplace insists on a discount of 40% or more – but the payoff was that the deal was booked in advance.

The client bought the voucher. It was up to her then to make use of it. If she never redeemed it, the business was not out a single cent. It was this results based approach that led to Groupon becoming the top coupon company globally.

It is great for the client – they get to save a lot of money on a deal they like. So, if they want to try out a new restaurant, or beauty treatment, they get to do so at less cost to themselves. The system makes it easier to afford the small luxuries in life.

Businesses win because they get in new clients. It is a pretty effective marketing method and one that has easily measurable results. Add in the fact that it is pretty much risk free - no deals mean no cost to the company. It is something that companies found very attractive.

Of course, Groupon has to benefit as well. It does, after all, do all the advertising and has the customer base of 49.1 million active users in 31 different countries. Where Groupon makes
its money is when the deals are redeemed.

The client pays the money over to Groupon and gets given its voucher. This money stays with Groupon until the business offering the discount presents it for payment. Groupon and the business split the cost of the voucher 50/50.

So, essentially, Groupon is a huge marketing machine that does not charge an upfront fee for advertising. The vouchers themselves are not profitable for the companies necessarily, but they give them a foot in the door with new clients. They can then market to those clients or upsell other products that they need as well. The company wins, the client wins, and Groupon wins.

To know more Interesting Facts and Statistics about Groupon, you can check out the following Infographic developed by team "16Best".

Groupon Interesting Facts and Statistics You Didn't Know [Infographic]

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