Top 5 Best Programming Code Editors for Windows and Mac

Best Programming Code Editors

Web Design is an ever increasing and highly profitable industry, evolving fast and constantly changing to keep up with new developments. In the 90s, it was all about HTML, but the internet has come a long way since a basic popup representing the height of technological development. Nowadays, online users feel more comfortable being able to browse the net directly from their phones and companies are happier to outsource their customer service to online automated chatbots. It is clear that the functionality of the internet has increased, so the web design market needs to keep up with this. Web design used to also mean a lot less than it does now. Nowadays, the term encompasses a whole lot more, as web designer today could also be involved in UI design, UX design, product design, and many other things.

As a result of changing times, there are ever increasing new ways of coding that all web designers need to keep up with. If you’re not ahead of the game in this industry, it’s unlikely you’ll ever keep up. To make sure that you can be successful in this field, stay on top with five essential code editing software packages that are sure to increase your productivity and keep you digitally savvy.

1. Notepad ++

This new and improved version of its trusted cousin the Notepad text editor can surely help you find your way around some code. This application can support a whole range of different languages but it’s best used for HTML editing. As you write, the text changes color to keep up with parts of the language, making it easy to view your code. The application is also able to spot mistakes in the code and point them out immediately.

Aside from its slick functionality, Notepad ++ is built for Windows yet it can also run on various other operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X through a trusted third party application, Wine. The design is helpful, allowing tabbed editing, bookmarking to make notes and even a drag and drop option for beginner designers. FTP support is also available.

2. Atom

At a first glance, this application may look quite similar to Sublime Text, but this editor actually is a lot different, offering an interface with easier navigation. One of the best things is that this software is the product of the GitHub team, so of course, if there are any issues to be resolved, you can be sure that a trusted community of keen online programmers will help you find the fix.

In our professional opinion, we find that customization of the UI is a whole lot easier with Atom than other code editors out there, making it a great open source editor for both basic and advanced programming needs. Because this software was created for developers by developers, you can be sure that it will be constantly updated and new functionality is improved on a regular basis for smooth sailing in programming.

3. Sublime Text

This lightweight application for editing text is simple and effective, with a highly functional touch. Using this application makes it very simple and effective to program with efficiency and speed, with multi-line select and editing modes and a black screen to support distraction-free editing, improving text view. Users are also free to fully customize the editor if they see fit, with a variety of different themes and plugin integrations for further support.

We believe that if you’re a novice programmer, this could be one of the best PHP or HTML editors to help you on your way and the editor can also serve a variety of other more complex programming tasks. Sublime Text is an effective tool for server-side programming and supports an advanced interface to easily be able to do this.

4. Coda

If you’ve got a Mac, you’ll like this flashy and inexpensive alternative to many programming tools out there, including most of the tools you’ll need as a web designer to build a site from the bottom up. This editor has been carefully crafted for Mac users, it supports most Mac operating systems out there and is regularly updated.

Following an initial release in 2007, Coda has come a long way with several new features such as powerful auto code completion tools, drag, and drop options, and the ability for both syntax coloring and block editing. There’s even terminal window support for MySQL queries. Every feature is there for you to bring life to your coding sessions, including previews of syntax and web page output, using a Transmit Turbo Engine to allow rapid uploading from remote locations.

5. TextMate

Another gem if you’ve got a Mac, this editor is the preferred choice for programming Ruby or Ruby on Rails, although it can also be used for other programming languages. So what can we say is one of the best things about this for Mac users? Its price alone, coming in at a grand total of $0.

If you’re after a great free editor, this may be one of the best for Mac users. Functionality has been streamlined to perfection with auto-completion tools, syntax coloring and highlighting, plus support for foldable code blocks, SVK and Perforce.

Wrap It Up

So whatever you aspire to use, make sure that you’re clued up about the functionality of all of these editing tools because there’s something on offer for you whatever you want to do. Whether you’re creating websites for good research paper topics or building up the next best online e-commerce store, there are countless editors available out there, but here are five of the true best in the field.

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