The Role and Importance of Social Media in Higher Education

Importance of Social Media in Higher Education


Social media has been changing the nature of the student’s relationship along with the various information and knowledge gathered from it. It plays a vital role in connecting the teachers and their students for sharing various information as well as knowledge based on higher education. Social media includes various platforms such as Skype, Twitter, twiducate, tweentribune, blackboard, Edu2.0, Edmodo, and minecraftEdu.

Social Media Used in Higher Education

Social media has been a major platform for the high education professors for hosting live lectures and student debates. Major platforms that are used based on this area are Twitter, Skype, and Facebook.

Activities like creating accounts as well as groups of students and professor are conducted through these platforms of social media. Sharing of ideas among the higher professionals is done before conducting any live activities through social platforms. Using social media is a common practice in higher education it helps the students to keep knowledge and ideas for a longer amount of time. Enhanced learning in higher education is stated as a major goal for using different social media platforms. It has also proved to establish increasing participation among the higher education students along with the improved way of teaching and spreading awareness about the essential contents based on education. Use of social media has resulted in a major improvement on the result as well as understandings of the higher education students. The students can also choose the digital marketing career because of its popularity and growth amongst many companies and organizations around the world.

Features of Social Media

Using social media favors promoting various researchers based on higher educations. Schools and universities have been involved in the process of innovation through social media. It also acts as a major tool for creating and improving varied activities such as fundraising and alumni engagements. It is also referred to as the tools that are used for communicating at times of retaining social reputation by the higher education schools and universities. Social media when used in the higher education features on developing media policy as well as identifying the community managers of social media presence on the campus. Furthermore, it is presented as a tool for monitoring and integrating the schedule of social media in a higher education campus.

Helpful Advice on Social Media in Higher Education

Social media includes various essential requirements in the form of advice for the users, which includes being cautious at the time of clicking the links on social networks and gathering awareness on the details that are posted therein regarding the higher education schools and universities. It also involves the aversion of blindly trusting the senders of these messages in-spite of their names as well as personal or official email ids have been provided. Not allowing the social networks to go through the higher educational official email address and bookmarking the important social site of networking must also be followed, thereby ensuring that the correct information is posted on the official sites before becoming permanent. Furthermore, social network websites must be selected carefully before considering the additional information on the official site of the higher education school and universities.

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Overviewing the study based on social media, this paper establishes different characteristics, features along with advice regarding the usage of social media and social networking platforms in higher educations. In addition, this paper includes relevant information based on custom writing service along with its features in relation to higher education.

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