Top 5 Tips for Teachers to Help Students Improve Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing Skills Improvement Tips

Essay writing skills are very important not only for high grades in school but also for an individual’s overall creative development. Pieces of advice and notes that the teacher leaves while checking an essay rarely reach their goal as students usually ignore them. The formation of writing skills is influenced by various factors, so keep in mind that you can help the child to find his or her personal style of writing. However, it’s impossible to teach all rules of academic essay writing just during the lessons. To form this ability, parents and teachers should act in a special way. In this post, we are sharing Top Five Tips for Teachers to Help Students Improve Essay Writing Skills.

1. Interest and Technique

This is a key to success not only in writing but in any other activity. If a student is interested in what he/she does, the practice will shape the skill. This is not about mercantile interest; the process of activity should be regarded by a person as significant and fascinating. An essay is not just a statement of thoughts. This is a result of the creative activity.

Writing essays, a student will get a lot of questions and will probably be stuck more than once, e.g. at the very beginning or at the end, when concluding. This is where a teacher could assist his/her struggling student and introduce him to specific writing techniques like re-drafting. The same goes for other artistic aspects of the language.

2. Esteem to Literature

To achieve this kind of respect, a child has to be an active reader. Although, this does not mean that he should be forced to devour each and every piece of literature in the syllabus. Wise teachers might have already found out that forcing youngsters to do something works vice versa. Many people mistakenly believe that the more person reads, the better he/she will write, which is actually a myth. Even from the point of view of enriching the vocabulary: new words, need to be used regularly to enter the active vocabulary part. Literature should not be read "because of homework." The syllabus is usually targeted more to the quantitative consumption of the works of classics, and not for their qualitative study. Giving an essay writing help it would be much more effective to take an individual approach. Find out which genre the child likes, and focus in this direction. This does not mean that you need to forget about school curriculum. A certain interest can also be aroused to it.

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3. Motivation to Musing

It is important to convey to students a thought that they formulate an idea of writing by themselves. A content depends on what idea they choose.

There are standard steps when crafting an essay:
  • Highlighting a topic;
  • Planning;
  • Introduction with a presentation of the topic;
  • The main part (ideally divided into a few sections);
  • Conclusion.
This is a completely logical structure of work on any composition, which, in fact, reflects a correct and consistent thinking. It needs to be taught, but it is not a thing to start with. Forcing the child to imitate dry samples, curbing his creative energy, you can hardly awaken interest in him.

The essay help will be more effective if a pupil gets full freedom of self-expression. During the writing process the essay, you can correct him or give advice on how to organize the text fitter. A student will learn the structure, but he will do it on his own experience. The students can also seek essay writing service from popular internet platforms like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

4. Provide Helpful Feedback

Every child wants to be an adult. And if you manage to impress upon him that to be an adult means to think non-trivially and perfectly express your thoughts, he will begin to manifest his adulthood accordingly. An adolescent cannot learn how to write essays unless he looks at examples of good and bad works, as well as detailed comments on his work. It is important to carry out a full-scale analysis together with students, to reveal not only successful moments but also typical mistakes that were encountered. Many teachers neglect this stage of teaching. Do not make such mistakes.

5. Ongoing Practice

In order to learn how to express one's thoughts coherently, this tip is sufficient. If a person does something constantly, the quality of his doings gets it higher and higher. Even with a complete reluctance to write, but with strict supervision over the performance of homework and thanks to constant practice the child will be able to cope with essays and get high grades.

School assessment is not an indicator of life success. Never try to instill the child opposite, otherwise, in the future; he will strive for artificial goals created by someone else. Without finding his own.

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