Why Video Games are Impossible to Complete Without the Internet Help?

Why Video Games are Impossible to Complete Without the Internet Help

The internet has changed how we do just about everything and for gamers; it has made a lot of things possible that weren’t back when the mainstream internet wasn't a thing. Back in the early 90s, or even further back in the history of video games, players would have to find information from other sources to help them if they were stuck on a game, like magazines, specialist TV shows, and friends and older siblings! Now, it is pretty much the norm to be able to find resources to help you complete just about any game, as long as it has some kind of player base online.

You can use sites like Game Guide World to find full walkthroughs for just about any popular game, and some games even have dedicated wikis that explain even the most obscure details about characters, quests, items, and Easter eggs.

While some developers have made it clear that they don't actually like their players being able to find out all of the secrets without too much effort, this is certainly the way that gamers tend to expect things to work. But, is it even possible to get the most out of a lot of modern games without the resources you can find online?

Large Worlds and More Secrets

Most of the best-selling games produced by major game studios in the modern generation feature very large worlds with lots of quests and non-player characters and also plenty of secrets and optional features placed in the game by the developers. The large memory capabilities of modern game formats allow for this to be possible. However, when it comes to a big open world RPG such as Fallout 4 or The Witcher 3, it can be pretty much impossible to get the most out of the game and see everything the developers wanted you to see without some tip-offs from wikis and other websites.

More Complex Character Builds

Another thing when it comes to this kind of large-scale game is that the build you decide on when you first create your character, and how you use your XP to develop that character’s skills, make a huge difference to your gaming experience.

You can spend hundreds of hours playing as one character in something like Skyrim, for example, and you want to make the right decisions before you even begin playing so that you can build a character that will give you the play style that you want. Without online resources, it would be very difficult to know ahead of time what kind of skills you should be focusing on.

More Significant Decision Making

Games now contain far more branches when it comes to quests where you have to make decisions and have these impact later parts of the story within the game. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to know whether you will get the outcome you want for your character by choosing certain things, without seeing recommendations from other players.

As gaming becomes more complex and the possibilities are there for developers to offer us richer experiences, it becomes clear that without the help of external information from other players, these games would be very difficult to enjoy in the same way.

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