11 Best PSD to WordPress Conversion Tips for Business Websites

PSD to WordPress Conversion Tips

In modern realities, a well-designed website is mandatory for all those people who want to make rapid progress in the business and get new customers easily. When visitors search information, products, services, etc., on the web, they come across lots of similar websites that offer the same products/services. So, it becomes difficult for individuals to choose the right vendor for meeting their needs. As a business person, you miss lots of potential business opportunities if your website resembles with other sites.

If you want to stand out from your competitors in the web-based business and ensure superiority over them (in terms of website ranking, brand recognition, revenues, the sale of premium products, generation of business opportunities and revenues, etc,), you need to be careful when PSD to WordPress conversion process is underway. It helps you to achieve stability, long-term growth prospects and stay ahead of your competitors at all the times. But, how can you do that? Let's find out.

1. Keep Sufficient White Space on Your Website:

All website owners have a great temptation to earn lots of money through high performing websites. So, they fill their websites with lots of premium content, autoplay audio/video ads, links to third party websites, etc.

In simple words, whitespace is the space left between graphics, texts, columns, margins and those components. Web designers leave white space on a website for its better readability.

It also makes your content more visible and legible & allows visitors to focus on its important elements. If you want to grab the attention of the targeted audience in an easy way, try to maintain a delicate balance between the placement of text or image on your website.

2. Unique Design:

Investing in good design is very important. With a beautiful design, your website will evoke greater confidence among visitors and users. It does not matter how many hours you spent on developing and creating a website if no one understands how to use it.

Let some of your friends (who do not have much experience using the Internet) browse your site, navigate and search for the necessary information before launching it in full. If they consider it easy, then it will satisfy the rest of your users in an easy way.

It's very hard to say what exactly makes a beautiful and functional design. What looks good for one person may seem terrible for another. Nevertheless, there are major trends in Web design every year.

Just follow them and your site will be received positively by the majority of the targeted audience. If you face problems here, don't hesitate to the take the assistance of a WordPress development company. They will help you to have a unique website that will become more popular and recognizable with each passing day.

3. Fast Loading of Website or its Pages:

One of the most unpleasant moments for the user is a long wait for the page to load. While viewing a site through a computer or mobile phone, visitors want to receive information instantly.

Slow websites or web pages disappoint visitors and they leave instantly. Several kinds of research have shown that even 2-second delay in website loading can repel 87% of total users from the site. So, just measure the loading speed of your website using an online tool. Based on the output, take all possible steps to make your website faster.

4. Proper Use of Call-to-Action Buttons:

Call-to-action-buttons are those buttons that encourage visitors to take the desired action after reading the content. If there are no clearly visible CTA buttons on your website, visitors get confused and they leave the site without taking any action.

So, depending on your specific requirements, create compelling CTA buttons and place them on your website. While creating CTA buttons, think about its color, based on psychological perception. This will make your CTA buttons more effective. Be careful about the words that you use for your CTA buttons. They should include a verb or a call that forces the user to do something.

5. Proper Use of Hyperlinks:

When you add a link to another page in your text, you expect the users to click on it. But, do users really notice those links? Yes, they do. Make sure that your links are noticeable and different from other text (underlined font, different color). Several types of research have shown that people respond to hyperlinks that are highlighted in blue. Place hyperlinks only on 1-3 words.

6. Add Relevant Icons:

Every company, business organization or firm has its icon. It allows visitors to identify the company easily and deal with the brand for a long period of time. When you perform PSD to WordPress conversion, always add the relevant icon to your website's homepage. This makes your website look different from others and allow users to easily find it on the web.

7. Include Important Keywords in Headlines:

Your headlines must convey the main message of the content or idea of the site. Always keep in mind that the presence of keywords will attract more users, help them to quickly navigate your site and find the desired stuff. Highlight headings and describe them in the main content body.

8. Ensure Uniform Design Structure Across the Website:

All elements of your site must be in one style, such as the font, font size, and color, icons and buttons, design elements, illustrations, and photos, etc. When each of them has a different design, visitors will get confused and the credibility of your site is reduced up to a great extent. Inconsistency in the design reduces the quality of your products in the eyes of the buyer and you have fewer business opportunities compared to your competitors. If you don't know how to do it, a WordPress development company can help you do that in an easy way.

9. Eliminate 404 Errors:

Many web developers create and launch websites in a great hurry. They don't check the newly developed websites for UX/UI issues. So, users face problems when they use the website for meeting their diverse needs.

404 links are non-existent web-pages that point users nowhere. The availability of 404 links on your website makes it insignificant in the eyes of Google. Even visitors get frustrated when they come across such dead links.

So, you must eliminate 404 links on your website with great priority. It will increase the site's credibility up to a great extent and you will have its business benefits sooner or later.

10. Make Your Website Responsive to Mobile Devices:

Responsive websites have become the order of the day if one has to stay longer in the web-based business and earn greater profits. While completing the PSD to WordPress conversion, make your website responsive to mobile devices. Just check how your website looks on a specific mobile device. If you find anything wrong, take active steps to remove that error.

11. Actionable Content:

Actionable content is the stuff that catches the attention of visitors, let them know about your brand, and encourage them to take the desired action. So, create quality content as per your needs and get it from professional content writing agencies. Make sure that your content has no errors. A website which is pregnant with high-quality content easily stands out from the crowd, performs well on all leading search engines, and brings about more business opportunities.


Don't be a part of the crowd, be something different and unique. It holds true in the web-based business also. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to make your website stand out while taking your website to the WordPress platform via PSD to WordPress conversion. A unique website lifts your web-based business easily and fills your wallet with a healthy income every day/month/year.

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