Top 6 Reasons Why is Space Exploration Important to Humankind

Why is Space Exploration Important to Humankind

Space explorations have been the dream of the human race ever since it came into being. Human has been a curious species ever since they set their foot on this earth and that curiosity in itself is enough to instigate the desire of man to know what the place beyond the earth looks like. However, this wish of human to know more about and visit places outside the earth in spaces could not be fulfilled previously due to the absence of technological advances. Astronomy is the branch of science which deals with space and spatial bodies and it is needless to say, it is one of the oldest branches of science. With the coming of astronomy, people started to find ways to learn about space, the telescope was made to look at the moment of planets and stars. Using these observations, people started predicting the nature of space and thus, various predictions on ways to travel in space started.

The 20th Century witnessed some of the most important developments and events in space exploration, including the making and successful operation of the first spaceship. This was followed by the travel of man across the periphery of the globe and then into further outer space. With the successful travel of Apollo-11 to the moon with three American astronauts, a new peak was achieved in the history of human civilization and the scene was expected to get better. However, things have not gone as smooth for space explorations in the 21st century as they were expected to be. With no monetary or direct benefits from it, people have started questioning the objective and need for space exploration. A part of the population believes that huge space budget is equivalent to a large amount of taxpayer’s money flowing down the drain. Some have even requested for the privatization of space industry so that hard earned money could be invested for the betterment of the human civilization. However, there are top 6 reasons why is space exploration important to humankind. Let’s have a look at some reasons.

1. Protection from Asteroids

Asteroids are a major threat to the very existence of our mother earth. Moreover, asteroids do not follow the orbits like planets, so they are unpredictable. So, in order to maintain life on human paragon, it is essential to know threats and possible ways to avoid or confront them. The only way we can come to know about these threats is via space explorations, so shutting them down is no option at all.

2. Required for Monitoring Health Issues

Microgravity acts as source as well as a study center for many health’s related issues. One of the most common problems among the astronauts is osteoporosis, the loss of bone mass, which is generally observed in elder people. So, this gives a scope of knowing why osteoporosis occurs in space and various drugs are tried out. Trying out these drugs and medicines would not have been possible on earth, so space station is required for monitoring health issues.

3. Scope of Rich Source of Raw Materials

When space was unexplored, we thought that whatever resources we have in space is what we have to manage ourselves from. However, there are many rare and valuable raw materials available in space. For example, Helium-3 isotope, which is very rare on Earth, is found in abundance on the moon. This isotope is heavily used in nuclear reactions. In the same way, there are other many valuable raw materials available in space. So, space explorations can be banked upon as the source of these raw materials.

4. Greater Guarantee of World Security

The role of space satellites in the study of movement and operations of different armies is unquestionable. World security is a very important issue especially since the advances of some countries in the field of nuclear weapons. So, monitoring the world army is very important and it cannot be done without the help of space satellites. So, questioning the direct benefit of space explorations is not a good choice.

5. Need for Colonization of Space

The population explosion has resulted in space cramp and very soon, the world will not be enough for people to live. In such a scenario, space is being looked upon as an option for the settlement of humans. In order to use space in the universe, colonization of space becomes necessary and this cannot be carried out without space explorations.

6. Desire to Explore and Inspiration for Young Generation

It is the desire of humans to explore and fulfill the desire is as important as other jobs. Space explorations fulfill the desire of people and also inspire young generations to look for options outside Earth. Without space explorations, these missions cannot be fulfilled.

The above-sighted reasons should be more than enough to justify the need for space explorations in today’s world.

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