How to Copy and Backup DVDs and Blu-Ray Collections

Backup DVDs and Blu-Ray Collections

As always, when speaking of ripping or backing up DVDs and Blu Ray discs, it is important to mention that most are protected by copyrights and privacy protection laws, and so you should understand the penalties of copying them for any other reason than to protect your investment.

Since few of us have money to simply go out and buy another copy every time a disc is damaged, it’s better just to back them up, isn’t it? Well, have no fear. Blue Cloner, the original ripper, is here and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. As the first of its kind back when DVDs first became the rage, the developers at Blue-Cloner are ahead of the rest and as pioneers, this is the software you are looking for.

Tips on Keeping Size Manageable

Before getting out your BD-Rs or BD-RWs, the first thing you need to know about is size. Since the average movie with all those extras like trailers, special scenes, interviews with stars, and so forth are over 25 GB, it isn’t economically (or practical!) feasible to copy the Blu Ray in its original state. Bear in mind that the storage capacity of a BD-R or BD-RW is only 50 GB so that is only two movies per disc and still very costly to copy. In order to keep size within smaller limits, decide what you are going to copy and what you are going to cut. Think of yourself as the director and you call the shots.

Where Do You Want to Store Your Copies?

Next, decide where you want to store your copies. Do you want to rip them to another disc or would you prefer to save them to your computer so that you can stream them anytime you want without needing to get out your disc collection? This is what many people prefer because they can take their laptop along, complete with a 10TB HDD with all their favorites whenever they go out of town or to a friend’s home for the evening. Simply stream to your friend’s (or hotel’s) flat screen TV and you’ve got entertainment for the night. In fact, with an HD that big, you’ve got entertainment for the entire vacation if you’re out of town!

Backup Basics

If you are going to buy a ripper, the best thing to do is find one that has a user-friendly dashboard and one which you can be assured is updated regularly. Remember, those discs you are copying are protected and security changes regularly. You can’t copy a disc protected by a format your software can’t crack. Again, this is why so many movie aficionados prefer Blue-Cloner. Version 3 has just been released and with it all the new patches to decode those security features.

Remember, you can’t be warned enough that it is illegal to distribute copyrighted movies, so make sure you also protect your copies wherever you choose to store them. Illegal distribution can be costly and land you somewhere you won’t be able to bring all those Blu Rays you went to all that trouble to copy. On a lighter note, just think of all the money you’ll be saving by protecting your investment. Every time you buy a new movie, you can be assured it’s yours forever. That’s why you need to back them up and store them safely. Good luck and happy ripping!

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