Top 8 Powerful SEO Techniques to Boost Website Search Traffic

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The world of SEO is constantly changing, and even a thorough work on the site does not provide an opportunity to relax and "rest on laurels." Otherwise, your place in Top will be occupied by others. The situation in the issuance is affected by hundreds of different factors, and their weight is also changing. The methods previously provided excellent results can be a waste of time nowadays. In this article, you will find a list of top SEO techniques that work in SEO and Digital Marketing and the nearest future.

1. Focus On Topics, Not Keys

Content should be created for users, not for optimization purposes. SEO tactics state that search engines are rapidly focusing on the quality of content, and not just keywords and other SEO text parameters. Google and Yandex begin to track not only the volume of text, Title, Description and the occurrence of keywords but also the quality of this information. Many factors are used to do this, such as time on the page, bounce rate, further scans, social responses, etc. Focus on the disclosure of the topic, to make the content attractive and useful for your audience. It is necessary to evaluate it from the viewpoint of the reader, to understand how it responds to potential questions on his part.

2. Improve User Experience

Everything starts even before the user visits your site. For example, the quality of the snippet, the presence of favicon and micro-markup, affect the CTR in the issuance and the decision to switch to the page of your own, rather than another.

The few SEO tips and best practices are:
  • Correct the broken links and make a quality page template 404;
  • Improve navigation and structure as much as possible - the fewer clicks the user needs to make to find the right page, the better;
  • Format the content, add images and video to it, strive to increase the readability of articles;
  • Get rid of unnecessary scripts and other elements that can negatively affect performance.
Even the adding of such feature as a callback order button can positively influence the user experience and increase the conversion.

3. Provide A Mobility And Speed

The speed of the page directly affects the user experience. It is unlikely that there will be many people waiting for you to download everything, they will close the tab and go to another site. Google bluntly stated that the speed of the site is taken into account when ranking, and there is no doubt that the influence of this factor will increase over time.

With the help of tools such as Google Page Speed and GT Metrix, you can run a test on your site, get information about what exactly affects performance, and a list of recommendations on how to improve it.

4. Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

If you have not guessed yet, it's about links. Their purchase and sale is not the best idea, but, still, it helps the sites to get higher positions on the issue. If you do it thoughtlessly, you can not only benefit but also harm. Therefore, the reference mass should look as natural as possible - links in the form of a domain/page URL and site names, different types of donors (websites, blog comments, forums), links with images closed in no-follow, etc.

In any case, the content quality should be in priority. One link from an authoritative thematic site, like SamedayPapers, is capable of providing a better effect regarding promotion than dozens of backlinks from spammed catalogues.

5. The Text Is Not Enough

Talking about the availability of content in SEO techniques, the search for sites is replaced by the search for different types of content: video, social networks, etc. That's why, do not concentrate all efforts only on creating text, because the same maintenance can be distributed in different forms and through various channels.

For instance, a small video with a product overview or another topic related to the niche in which you work, you can:
  • Publish on the blog;
  • Send to subscribers in the email;
  • Upload to youtube video channel.
Just think about the opportunities open up, if you use not only texts, and promote them not only in the search.

6. Attention To Technical Issues

Accounting requirements of search engines to the technical component of sites are included in the scope of standard works on the project. But, many things are ignored, which is not always the "merit" of clients. The most common examples of defects are an adaptation for mobile, HTTPS and the time of loading pages.

7. Learn About Competitors

A proven way to do something well is to watch how it is implemented by the leaders of your niche, and try to do the same, but preferably better. SEO techniques state that competitive analysis has been and remains the important component of the promotion of any project. A thoughtful study of landing pages provides some advantages: the discovery of interesting solutions and their implementation in the project; complement and expand of the semantic core to increase a coverage; improving the study of commercial factors and understanding what works and what does not.

8. Follow The Trends

Thoughtless buying of links, low-quality texts written for a tick, slow sites - all this should remain in the past. The constant growth of competition on the Internet changes the rules of the game, and even if now many are relaxing, receiving traffic and sales, nothing lasts forever.

Trace the trends, and do not sit idly by. Thoughtful analytics, experiments and constant work in the right direction is the key to success in any field, and the best SEO methods as well.

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