Top 6 SEO Tips to Improve Website's Search Ranking for Free

SEO Tips to Improve Website's Search Ranking

In the midst of millions of websites on the web, you need to ensure your website stands out in search results. Otherwise, you may not achieve the purpose of your website – be it selling goods and services, creating awareness about something, or rallying support for a cause. You must put in place all efforts to make sure your site ranks high in search engine results.

However, optimizing of your page search results may be too daunting a task for you, and that is where service providers like affordable SEO services - come in.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make your site stand out in search results:

1. Have A Website With Responsive Design

Failure to have your website adapted to mobile devices, as per the directive issued in April 2015 will automatically make it not rank high in search engines, more specifically, Google.

2. Distinctive And Appropriate Page Titles

Each page title should be one-of-a-kind and relevant to the subject of your page. Choose targeted keywords closest to the discussed topic from the beginning. Where applicable, let the title page be localized. Also, use as many characters as possible – in the range of 50-60. A very long title in excess of 70 characters will be ignored.

3. URLs That Are Search Engine Friendly

Make use of file names and permalink structures that are search engine friendly to enhance the relevance of your list. Having a domain name that includes your keywords in it is an added advantage. Nonetheless, you need not go out of your way to get a domain name similar to an existing one.

4. Offering Reviews from Clients

You can have your friends and relatives give you reviews. This will improve your standing in the local search. You can incorporate a request for reviews at some step in your business model, for example, during checking out from a room. Clients can be encouraged to offer their reviews on the business website, for instance, of a hotel website. Such reviews can then be tracked, and the complaints raised looked into, in a bid to convert bad reviews into good ones.

5. Have Fresh, Applicable And Outstanding Content

Are you guilty of re-posting old content on your site? Do you find others’ posts and link to them on your own site? New and relevant material attracts users and search engines too. Anything you post should be mostly new and have a call to action. It should make your readers interested enough in what you’re saying to read your posts and compel them to take the action you’d like them to take.

6. Have A Strong Social Presence

Your business needs to have a presence on the social networks where you can interact with customers, and respond to their queries. You must make sure that the brand is communicating truthfully. Search engines’ show a preference for those names that have a vibrant presence on the social networks. Ensure that what you post on the social sites is honest to connect with your readers and help them trust you.

All the above tips will give your site a high position in the search engines, but most importantly, improve the business of the site owner.

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