SEO vs PPC - Why They Work Better Together

SEO vs PPC - Why They Work Better Together

Many specialists consider PPC and SEO as completely different strategies. PPC supporters prefer using free landing page constructors and ordering content to create website and text SEO optimization to get much traffic. On the other hand, those who prefer SEO techniques state that the investment made into SEO strategy will far overweigh in 1-2 years. What is more, here the level of risk is much lower and the traffic you generate is stable. In fact, PPC and SEO working together can create a synergistic effect, although they are definitely targeted at solving different tasks. Here we have outlined five top reasons why you should use both strategies to get excellent results and become successful. In this article, you will learn Top 5 Reasons Why SEO and PPC are Better When Used Together.

1. Website Updating Test And Reputation Control

Using PPC, you can easily monitor your audience’s reaction on the website updating: color, design, element position changes or creating a completely new structure of the site. What is more, a contextual advertising campaign can help you to confront the negative reputation you may accidentally get. For instance, after a huge scandal over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a fuel company BP has set a successful PPC campaign, connected with “oil spill” keywords. Their add redirected visitors to their web page, where they described their fight with the consequences of this disaster. This way they have achieved the lowering of their significant reputation loss.

2. In—Ārease Of Website Visibility

When your site, which, for example, offers assignment help takes a top place in organic search of a search engine, in most cases you will start neglecting PPC. But you should not forget that the first three positions in a search are devoted to contextual advertising, thus a significant share of traffic are accounted for it. Of course, this may lead to the cannibalization of traffic, but, on the other hand, this will make you pick up traffic from your rivals.

3. Keywords And Titles Testing

SEO and PPC working together can help you to find the keywords with a high level of conversion, which in turn will help you to promote your website. What is more, you can easily check which PPC add gives you more traffic and use similar titles, SEO descriptions and SEO titles in your SEO advertising campaigns. How does PPC work in testing keywords and titles? You get an immediate result that really works. By the bye, with the help of PPC adds you can also define whether regional SEO optimization is really useful.

4. Increase Of Seasonal Sales

How does it work? If you use only SEO techniques, then you should prepare for seasonal sales in months. I am speaking of creating and optimizing the content and waiting for indexing. Nevertheless, you can increase your sales significantly with the help of PPC – you just need to create your campaign whenever you need it and get the paid traffic and thus your income will also increase.

5. Protection From Losing The Leading Position

SEO strategy is tightly connected with search engine algorithms, thus if the new one is to be released, you can easily lose your leading position in search engine, as well as traffic and, thus income. PPC will help you to avoid this. You can ask me how? If you have established a successful campaign, and start falling behind, you can invest more funds in your contextual advertising strategy to compensate the loss of SEO traffic.

These are two effective methods of generating much traffic to your website. Of course, each of them has its pros and cons, but even today, many commercial entrepreneurs do not know how they differ and what benefits they can bring to their businesses. Obviously, you can use only one method of traffic generation, if you think it is profitable and you do not want to make any changes. However, if we speak of business, here the number of customers is closely connected with the amount of profit you will get. Thus limiting yourself to only one method is quite irrational. As we have already told, none of the techniques is ideal, thus using a combination of PPC and SEO is an optimal option to stay afloat. You should apparently buy PPC advertising, as well as use SEO strategy to attract more potential buyers from organic search in a long run perspective without paying at all. I hope my piece of advice will help you when selecting your own marketing strategy.

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