Top 4 Most Influential Gadgets Of All Time

Top 4 Most Influential Gadgets Of All Time

People can be influential, but so can their inventions. To date, there have been several technologies and gadgets that have managed to shape our lives and bring us to this digital age. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most revolutionary and influential gadgets of all time.

1. The Osborne 1

As its name suggests, the Osborne 1 was among the first of its kind. In fact, it may even have been the pioneer of portable computers. When it was launched, the Osborne weighed around 25 pound, which is quite heavy. It was, nevertheless, a huge technological advancement for its time. Its size was, amazingly, small enough for it to be taken on board an airplane and anywhere else the user wanted.

Osborne 1

However, as you can probably guess from the unfamiliarity of the name, the Osborne 1 was commercially successful. Not only was it heavy, but its screen was around as small as a modern iPhone’s. This did not fit in well with the customers of that time. Hence, the influence of this gadget was more on companies not launching their products until they had been properly tested on specific audiences.

2. The MakerBot Replicator

The twenty-first century saw the rise of the 3D printer, and this was the first one that made such a technology accessible to the layman. While its performance is not that great, one has to admit that its price of under two thousand dollars makes it a worthwhile purchase for corporate organizations, educational institutions, and students training centers.

MakerBot Replicator

The MakerBot Replicator basically used printing technology like an inkjet printer did. Instead of ink, it used hot plastic that could be formed into mechanical parts, artwork, and different models. We can’t say much about the future of MakerBot as a company, but its efforts are certainly commendable. The more this useful technology becomes mainstream, the better.

3. Segway Personal Scooter

Now, why would a motorbike be on this list? Simple answer: Obesity. Unfortunately, more and more people in the developed world are facing problems of excess weight and obesity and having to suffer a lot of illness because of this. Additionally, they also have severe problems related to restricted movement. One can easily earn at home by offering academic help UK and relax by sitting and watching shows. Hence, one would see scooters available for people to move around in large areas such as Walmart and even Disneyland.

Segway Personal Scooter

The Segway scooter is the culmination of a society's eventual giving up on the walking mode of transportation. Hoverboards were also part of this movement. However, the symbolic influence of the Segway was much more than its actual success.

4. The Fitbit

On another, better, note, many people have taken to the Fitbit as a way to increase their daily activity. While step-counting is not a new concept, the Fitbit has taken it to new heights. We may see a decrease in unhealthy body shapes before the decade is over.


In a nutshell, the Fitbit device counts the steps of its wearer and tells them how many calories they have burnt and how many hours they have slept. This information could also be uploaded online for analysis or even competition. This handy device has hence brought healthy living more in touch with the digital age and accessible to the busy masses.

What’s more, it can even cost less than a hundred dollars, making it an excellent Christmas gift for just about anyone. This makes it easily accessible to anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle.


No doubt there are several other gadgets that have played a major hand in bringing the world to where it is today. We can only start to get an idea of these when we thoroughly delve into the history of technology and hence realize its true potential. Technology has really shaped the way we live, whether it’s working, playing, or learning. Here’s hoping we have a lot of technological influence for the better in the future.

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