Mouse Buying Guide: The Best Cheap Gaming Mouse of 2018

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse of 2018

Being a gamer is more than just a mere hobby. You may not know this but for some people out there it happens to be livelihood as well. In philosophical terms, it can be summed up as a way of life. If you are not being challenged by the game that you are playing to be better than yourself then you can be sure that you are doing it absolutely wrong. As sad as it may sound, things are never as black and white though. If you wish to maximize the time you spend on playing games then you need a lot more than just dedication – you need good gear. A good gaming mouse is thus quintessential for someone like you.

The Best Option In This Regard

As far as experts are concerned the best cheap gaming mouse 2018 is Mammoth. It is said to be the ideal solution for gamers who have cash crunch but still want decent quality for the money that they are investing in the said device. It would not be an overstatement if we say that Mammoth M801 offers you the ideal combination of good price and some really decent features. It also helps that it has some commendable options for customization as well. This device offers you plenty of inherent value as well.

Best Budget FPS Mouse

As far as FPS (first-person shooter) games are concerned the best option would be Fnatic Flick G1. This device has been created based on the inputs provided by pro gamers employed by Fnatic. It is said to suit the needs of fans of these games to the t. It offers you a delectable combination of price, looks, and sturdiness. It has been recently conferred with the Elite Hardware award. That should tell you a whole lot about how good it is in the first place. This particular mouse has the blessings of the veterans of FPS games.

Best Budget MOBA Mouse

With regards to the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games, Logitech G302 happens to be the best possible option out there for people who are a little short of money. However, when you see it for the first time it is unlikely that you would perceive it to be a MOBA mouse as such. The device, however, has a refreshingly high number of features that make it so suited to these games. It can also be said for sure that this is worth every cent of your investment. You would love to play League of Legends with this one.

Best Budget MMO Mouse

When it comes to the MMO (massively multiplayer online) games the best cheap option would be HV-MS735. Normally it is quite hard to find good MMO mice under 50 dollars – you can ask plenty of people who have moved heaven and earth in this quest. While it is true that this is not exactly the most sophisticated product in this category out there it still needs to be said that when you are in a financial crisis this is the best option that you have got. The best ambidextrous mouse you can buy while on a tight budget is Roccat.


Gaming is a hobby that hooks you like nothing else. The biggest companies are aware of that and this is the reason why they always try to perfection when they are creating these products. There is always a huge amount of competition going on to get the attention of gamers and as such companies are going all out in this war. They are forever engaged in a game of one-upmanship. This is the reason why you see all the latest features on the phones. You can also buy some amazing yet affordable gaming mouse by utilizing great deals and discounts from OZCodes to save more money.

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