How To Test Drive A Used Car From A Private Seller?

How To Test Drive A Used Car From A Private Seller

Don’t pay money unless you don’t drive it yourself. Private sellers and buyers both know this principle as no one wants to choose an uncomfortable car. Private sellers are always ready to give buyers a trial but not every buyer can make an effective test drive. Private sellers don’t have time for meticulous testing of every detail so buyers should pay attention to characteristics which are more essential for driving. Anyway, it is not that hard as there are only 5 easy steps to get the most from your test drive. So let's check out the Top Five Used Car Test Drive Checklist and learn How To Test Drive A Used Car From A Private Seller without paying money.

Used Car Test Drive Checklist

1. Make A Preliminary Research On This Car: At first, read about model specifications and characteristics on the Internet. Then ask VIN number from your private seller and request FAXVIN reports on it. It will not cost you a lot but when buyers observe red flags in this report and compare it to data they received from advertisements, they will know, is its private seller reliable or not.

2. Prepare A Roadmap And Everything You Will Need For Taking A Test Drive: Don’t let private seller choose the road for your test drive, as a private seller will always choose a shorter route. Your route for a test drive should base on your own initiatives and it should be as much diversified as possible (including hills, sharp turns, etc.). If drivers buy a 4x4 station wagon, they should ask to test it off-road (especially if they will often use it that way).

3. Look At The Car Surface: Buyers always do this step when they get to private sellers and start negotiating with them. At first, ask him about the vehicle and compare what you hear with what you already know about this vehicle. Then look carefully at the surface of this car admitting the tiniest scraps and clefts. If one sees that there are a lot of them on the surface while the vehicle is not old enough, previous owners weren’t neat.

4. Get Inside And Express Your Feelings: When you’ve looked over this car, this is the best time to come inside and feel what it’s like driving this vehicle. If you don’t feel comfortable (maybe it is too small or you cannot sit freely), you should think of another vehicle. If drivers have a children’s chair or auto-refrigerator, they should bring it with them and look, whether they still feel comfortable with them.

5. Start Riding: Don’t think that you will be able to test this car in full. Drive carefully and responsibly as this car still doesn’t belong to you. Also, pay attention to your feelings while driving. If something doesn’t go the way you’ve used to, ask the private seller and if you don’t like it - say goodbye and look for other options.

Used Car Test Drive Checklist

What If You Like The Car?

Even if you are satisfied with results of a test drive, don’t hurry up. Invite a professional mechanic to overlook the vehicle and provide an inspection of any essential details in your car. Also, pay attention to mileage as up to the certain point some details need to be replaced. And always double check as even if you somehow don’t like this car, you will never return your money back.

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