Wearable Technology Facts, Statistics and Benefits You Didn't Know [Infographic]

Wearables Technology Facts, Statistics and Benefits

One of the most challenging issues of the present century is public healthcare. While many countries have made a positive development in different fields the public healthcare is one of the most pertinent issues that create a cause for worry. There are a number of countries where the poor state of public health care poses challenging situation to the government. However, it is not only the poor section of the society who is afflicted by health issues. Apart from malnutrition the unregulated lifestyle also invites health issues. However, the Wearable Technology now seems to be poised to join hands with healthcare sector helping in forming a better world. Today, in this article you will learn some amazing Wearable Technology Facts, Statistics, and Benefits You Didn't Know Before via an informative Infographic available below.

What are wearables?

Wearables indicate the functional technology that can be worn over the body in the form of accessories or apparel. For example, your Smartphone watch can be called a wearable. In the field of healthcare constant monitoring, the accuracy of data and communicating any vital changes are paramount for the positive results. So, by the use of wearables the vital body data of an individual is collected and sent to the healthcare professional using enhanced communication methods.

Wearables are here to stay

The popularity of Wearable Technology can be established from the fact that a palpable surge in the sales of Wearables can be seen. For example, the SmartWatches that sold worth $15 million in 2014, is expected to touch the figure of $373 million by the end of this decade. And this is not the isolated case. Many wearables are experiencing surge in the total sales

Practical benefits of wearables

Ironically, a huge portion of the poverty-ridden population lives in far flung areas that are generally inhospitable and thus it is not conducive for the healthcare professionals to reach there. Devoid of regular health check-ups and consultant, the underprivileged population starts to experience deterioration in their health. However, if such population is encouraged to use the wearables, it would be easier to consistently monitor their vital health stats like the heartbeat, BP, and pulse rate. Besides, it will help in storage of such data and help in forming digital medical history.

The use of wearable helps in proper monitoring of the lifestyle and thus aims at preventing the diseases or disorders rather than finding a cure when the diseases have already attacked and weakened the immune system. Following Infographic has been designed and developed by team "Neerja Softwares".

Infographic: Everything about Wearables Facts, Statistics and Benefits

Wearable Technology Facts, Statistics and Benefits You Didn't Know [Infographic]

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