Secure Way to Update PC Hardware Drivers on Windows, Ubuntu, & Linux

Secure Way to Update PC Hardware Drivers

All the PC users know that in order to advance the work of a machine, it is necessary to upgrade the drivers. As a result, the hardware will work better and increase its performance at the maximum. This rule applies to Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, etc. Specifically, in case of Ubuntu, some hardware is not fully supported by the system or there is no support at all, which may influence the work of a machine. With the upgraded drivers/ patches installed on your machine, you will see considerable performance improvements. No surprise that many people try to find and download the newly released drivers for Ubuntu. Today, we are sharing some tips and tricks to on How to Keep Your PC Up-to-Date with Latest Hardware Drivers for better security, privacy, and performance.

Securely Update Drivers on Windows, Ubuntu and Linux

Straightening up, there are by default all required drivers and patches for all supported devices in Ubuntu. However, some utilities require proprietary drivers. Thus, the porous licenses must be installed separately. Typically, people additionally install drivers for video cards, but it is not always the case. You can always visit if you are looking for any software interface. Nevertheless, keep in mind that if your hardware works well on Ubuntu-built drivers, installing proprietary components does not make sense. What is more, in some cases, this system upgrade can even lead to some problems.

In addition, there are still cases when it is impossible to obtain some drivers through the search program in Ubuntu due to the incorrect policy of hardware manufacturers for certain devices. In this case, a user is forced to search on the Internet. Luckily, there are many third-party drivers that you can install manually. The most important thing here is to have antivirus software running on your PC so that you couldn’t get infected by any malware. As an alternative, you can always contact a technical support of the manufacturer by requesting at least the documentation necessary for the device work. If there are some specifications you are able to use, there will be no problem for you to set a proper operation of your device.


Do not hang loose if you are just planning to install Ubuntu. Most devices work in Ubuntu, which is out of the box and extremely effective. The system not always require additional manipulation when it comes to the installation of drivers. What is more, with each new release of Ubuntu, there are fewer and fewer unsupported devices. Nowadays, there is the overwhelming majority of individual peripheral models and plug-in additional devices like printers or scanners that are by default supported by the system. But we strongly advise you before buying new hardware to use the search and see if the desired device is supported by Linux since there is still a chance to run on unsupported hardware.

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