Top 7 Must-Have Study Apps for College Students

Study Apps for College Students!

Are you in college and university or about to join? In some instances, you’ll find that there is an mobile app for everyone and everything. Therefore, it is important to install essential college applications. Some people may add that the human brain is the most valuable study tool. However, it’s always good to have an application that can help you research, take notes, and also maintain contact with your family.

Here is a list of seven essential study apps available for Android smartphones and tablets and as well as for iOS-powered iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for every student:

1. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is a collection of study guides that explain literature and other works. These guides help students to understand the material of the work under consideration and it has been claimed that you can even bypass reading the actual work. However, that is not the purpose of this app, it is meant to help you better understand the assigned material. The best course of action would be to read the material then go for the CliffsNotes afterward.

Many students struggle with understanding some literary works but with the help of CliffsNotes, you can easily grasp and recall the material. Try it out today!

2. iTunes U

It’s clear that all learners need some virtual university for their tablets or phone. With iTunes U, educators can easily work with their students and also build perfect study lessons. As a student, you’ll find that you have access to free courses and experiences from museums, universities and more. Such is rich information to help you get ahead in your studies and eventually attain high levels of success.

3. Mint

Are you having difficulties in managing your finances? The reality is that performing such a task all alone feels quite intimidating. A national survey conducted in 2015 indicated that 70% of students struggle with personal finance and a solution to help out with this can come in handy!

If you’re searching for an app to help you out with this, Mint is an awesome choice. The application makes sure you get your credit score, manage and create budgets, and also gain crucial tips to assist in the better management of finances. Get the application on either Android or iPhone Operating Systems.

4. Skype

Do you have family or friends who are many miles away? Well, in such a situation, get closer and interact with them by using Skype. The app comes with a variety of features. Some of these include Video calls, fast messaging, group, and free video calls as well as costs and low prices for those who might not have subscribed to Skype.

Skype is an important application for keeping in touch, despite the distance. You can use for collaboration with other students who are very far away from you or even access tutors for lessons over Skype. The app is available on all major desktop and mobile operating systems.

5. Evernote

When it comes to Evernote, students can create well-organized notes. To get started, all that is needed is to build a free Evernote account. After this, you can quickly come up with to-do-lists, detailed class notes and also, share these notes with other classmates. The application organizes notes according to the topic. It also comes with a search feature to assist students in finding an excellent study content.

Evernote also supports handwritten notes. Besides, it’s easy to import handwritten notes! The best part of using Evernote is that it synchronizes your notes across every platform. You can write notes using your phone and later refer to them from the comfort of your laptop!

6. FourSquare

A recent study revealed that an increasing number of students report being stressed and overwhelmed with school work and don’t get time to socialize. College is not all about studying, you also need to hang out with friends, unwind and relax.

Foursquare gives you fast access to more than 75 million tips from professionals in your local area. It doesn’t matter which city you are located in, using this app gives you a variety of recommendations. Therefore, there is no need of making random guesses, by using FourSquare, you can quickly identify the best hang out location. You can get a quick burger, have a romantic dinner or even go out on your first date as a college student!

7. TED

Have you attended TED talks? The importance of attending these events is that they are quite educational, inspiring, and fantastic for learning new topics. It is one of the most successful college applications as it helps students explore new and exciting information With the TED app, you can easily access the latest shows on your mobile device and it’s free in all iPhone and Android Operating Systems.


Which study application have you decided to use? From the above information, as a student, you now have all the critical mobile and computer learning applications. Therefore, you do not have to struggle to do research, writing, and coming up with a literature review example as well as other study needs. You can also seek help from professionals who offer term paper and essay writing services!

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