Top 5 Customer Service Email Examples to Respond to Angry and Upset Emails

Top 5 Customer Service Email Examples to Respond to Angry and Upset Emails

Experience has shown that any business can have the upset customers. No matter what kind of activities you perform or services you render, you will always deal with the people who can find a defect anywhere. Besides, sometimes the circumstances may let you down resulting in a default or violation of terms. Anyhow, you should know how to work with upset emails received from the angry or disappointed clients.

The following examples are based on the actual situations that are possible at any business or company.

1. A Customer Is Dissatisfied With a Purchase

Dear Mr. Durden,

We thank you for the notification of the issues you have recently faced with in our store.

Please take our pardon for a disabled system that was the reason of your negative shopping experience. The aim of the company is to do the best to meet the customer's’ expectations and the recent incident is inexcusable.

We would like to make amends and settle this upset situation. Our store would be glad to offer you an exchange of your purchase with an alternative one or recover a complete cost. In addition, you will be offered with a 15% discount on the next five items.

We hope to find your sense of occasion and set the question at rest. For any information, feel free to call by phone +8546921574.

Kind Regards,
Marta Singer,
Front Office Manager.

2. A Delivery Was Delayed

Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons,

On behalf of the company, I present apologies for the recent upset case. The company understands that the items you ordered were required for a certain date.

We made every effort to deliver the ordered items on time and relied on our partner - the Happy Train Courier Service. I regret to say, our mutual efforts failed to succeed in a timely delivery of your order.

The company assures to do the best to prevent a recurrence of such a failure in the future. Currently, we are selecting the other partner providing the delivery services.

I hope that this upset incident will not affect your opinion about our company and your loyalty. In return, the company is willing to grant you a free delivery for your next order.

For any assistance in the related issues, you can call +8546921574 or response to this email.

Kind Regards,
Jeremy Elia,
Customer Support.

3. A Purchased Item Was Damaged

Dear Mr. Richards,

Sorry for a delay in the answer to your request. We do not object that the item you purchased is damaged. According to the company’s policy, a damaged product is subject to a substitute or a money refund when a purchaser informs about the damage within three business days from receipt. Unfortunately, you have informed the company about the damage ten days after the receipt.

We are very sorry for such an upset incident but the company’s policy excludes any exceptions.

The company appreciates your relationship and apologizes for the discomfort occurred to you.

We rely upon your comprehension and ask you to accept our excuses and promise to provide the best services from now forth. For any information, you may call +8546921574.

Respectfully Yours,
Brian Finnegan,
Sales Manager.

4. A Customer Complains about a Disrespectful Service

Dear Mrs. Evans,

First of all, let me thank you for your feedback and present my pardon for the insulting incident occurred in our store. I would like to assure you that an employee who demonstrated a disrespectful attitude is no longer working in the store.

The policy of our store is aimed at a complete customer’s satisfaction and the recent incident is no more than a bitter mistake. You have our word to make every effort to exclude any recurrence of such situation in the future.

To wear off your impression of our store, we would like to invite you and grant a 50% discount for a new collection item you choose.

We rely on your prudence and ask to take our pardon.

Truly Yours,
Justin Cooper,
Sales Director.

5. A Customer Expresses a Resentment over the Poor Quality Service

Dear Mr. Barnwell,

Your opinion is highly appreciated and our service esteems your biased attitude.

We ask for your respect and accept our excuses for the insufficient quality of the rendered services. We recognize that the brand has a responsibility to comply with the requirements to quality of services.

Your complaint will be taken into consideration within the entire network of the branded establishments.

In turn, we would like to ask for your loyalty and promise to avoid any possible incidents in the work with our customers.

Once again, take our pardon for the troubles you have faced with and we hope to see you again in our establishment in the nearest future.

For any questions or propositions, please call +2348157479837 or response to this email.

Respectfully Yours,
Jane Isaksson,
Client Service Manager.

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