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Top 15 Best Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers

When you are carrying a Business , the most arduous task is to showcase exactly who you are, so that the audiences will know you better ...
Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes

When you are carrying a Business, the most arduous task is to showcase exactly who you are, so that the audiences will know you better and come to you with open hands. Portfolio elements in a website are mandatory for the businesses who like to display their projects and past works so that the clients can get a taste of their work experience and talent in a short glimpse.

Modern business themes contain the portfolio feature integrated within them, but there are few themes available that are specific portfolio only WordPress themes. These Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes will give you a head start with a set of tools, either you want individual work showcase or have projects of well-established companies.

Images and content can be easily added to the new posts and the theme will display the article in a different gallery style. Images are the essence of a portfolio theme as appearance is the mirror for the online businesses.

List of Responsive WordPress Portfolio Free Themes

Let’s check out the following list of Top 15 Best Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers that can help you better showcase your business.

1. Flash


  • Responsive design,
  • Drag and drop page builder,
  • 6+ widget areas & 11+ custom widgets,
  • Color options,
  • Great product filters,
  • Flash toolkit plugin,
  • Speed and SEO optimized,
  • Minimalist for business and corporate sites,
  • Simple and elegant one-page layout,
  • A full-width slider,
  • Ribbon bar with animated stats,
  • A nice portfolio.
2. Pure


  • Fit for basically any kind of project.
  • Fully responsive,
  • Modern appearance,
  • GT3 page builder,
  • A stylish and clean appearance,
  • Pretty theme for portfolios and bloggers,
  • Ajax effect,
  • Grid masonry layout,
  • Contact Form 7 support,
  • Lots of post formats and page layouts.
3. Framer


  • Fully responsive,
  • Grid based portfolio WordPress theme,
  • Social media menu,
  • Beautiful typography and post styling,
  • Simple, minimal and lightweight with no bloated features,
  • Woocommerce support,
  • SEO optimized,
  • Larger header section to add name or tagline,
  • Stunning layout for every project,
  • Beautiful background image in the header part.
4. Optimizer


  • Elegant and modern WordPress theme
  • Beautiful images sliders
  • Logo will be uploaded in seconds
  • Boxed and a full-width layout
  • Over 600 fonts and plenty of colors
  • Clever customization tools to make your design visually beautiful,
  • Powerful theme options,
  • Custom CSS,
  • 100% responsive,
  • Secure code.
5. Hitchcock


  • A theme most suited for photographers and designers portfolio websites,
  • A responsive website design,
  • Infinite scroll,
  • Gallery support
  • Custom header image,
  • Three column layout design,
  • Enticing logos, illustrations, and photographs.
  • Single column posts for easily noticeable post,
  • Three column grid to get your work overview,
  • Full-size background image for a bigger impression,
  • Different platforms to scale layout and typography
6. Resi


  • A great theme for the photographers,
  • Fully responsive to reach a larger audience,
  • Retina ready,
  • Perfect for high-resolution photos on your website,
  • Easy to use theme with a decent layout,
  • Enticing presentation for the audience,
  • Clean gallery,
  • Beautiful picture collections.
7. Sketch


  • A perfect theme to use free hand,
  • Best to display designs, illustrations, videos, and photographs,
  • Clean and light design theme,
  • Minimizes distractions,
  • Every post stand out for the viewers,
  • Fully responsive,
  • A featured content slider,
  • Lots of room,
  • A wide array of featured images to a portfolio page.
8. One Paze

One Paze

  • A unique portfolio theme for any business,
  • Parallax scroll effect,
  • Responsive design,
  • Crafted for business portfolio websites,
  • Lets you add sections for a call to action, testimonials, and more.
  • Fullwidth call to action slider for boost in clicks,
  • Loads super fast,
  • Utmost configurable,
  • Built on customizer.
9. Olevia


  • Interesting theme to add some style to a website,
  • Modern fonts,
  • 7-page layout options,
  • Social media icons added with a hover effect,
  • Perfect for blogs,
  • Clean and simple layout.
10. Electa


  • Grid based portfolio theme for creative people,
  • Well integrated with plugins like woo-commerce and Site Origin’s Page Builder,
  • Blocks layout, site logo and navigation all at left of page,
  • Fully responsive theme,
  • Perform well on all platforms,
  • Drag and drop page builder,
  • Interesting to brim with creativity,
  • Best known for portfolios.
11. Oren


  • Uses a clean layout,
  • Jetpack support for good view,
  • Minimalist look for a powerful display,
  • Absolutely perfect for portfolio projects,
  • Easy navigation between blog posts and author box,
  • Can upload your own logo,
  • Personalized look for your website,
  • Fully responsive theme,
  • Bloat free clean code,
  • Easy to set up.
12. Planum


  • User-friendly for blogging,
  • Responsive design,
  • Custom color options,
  • Custom header,
  • Full-width layout,
  • Customer page templates,
  • Social icon menus can be added,
  • Square tiles grid for home page,
  • Jetpack infinite scroll,
  • Wordpress customizer.
13. Fukasawa


  • A clean website theme,
  • Responsive,
  • Retina-ready design,
  • Smooth image gallery slider show,
  • Fixed sidebar,
  • Masonry three column layout theme,
  • Good for interior designers and photographers,
  • Minimalistic design,
  • Grid layout similar to Pinterest,
  • Image, video and gallery formats,
  • Galleries presentation in an interesting slideshow,
  • 5 custom widgets,
  • Jetpack Tiles Galleries and Infinite Scroll.
14. Magnetic


  • Simple yet powerful theme,
  • Best for portfolio grid type websites,
  • Responsive,
  • Fast page loading,
  • Good to showcase portfolios and projects,
  • Offer homepage with a visual appeal,
  • Fluid system to make the theme responsive,
  • Complete control over everything, from logo to the social icon sections,
  • Ability to check all changes made,
  • Live Customizer to know how the site looks with the changes.
15. Photomania


  • An impressive layout,
  • Modern responsive design,
  • A photography theme, best for portfolio,
  • Custom background, menu, colors, and logos,
  • Featured images for blog post previews,
  • Footer area for custom widgets like social media buttons or recent post listings,
  • Right and left sidebar,
  • Two column layout,
  • Translation features, threaded comments, and robust theme options.
Final Verdict:

If you are a site owner, there is no exaggeration in knowing that you also want to have a boom in your business like others do. In this arena that we are living, it is the essence of advancement that is taking us higher and higher each new day. The aforementioned Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers are the best examples that are of great help to uplift your business website with an incredible beauty and robust features. So, get ready to rock the web with these amazing themes. You can also check out some online professional PSD to WordPress conversion solutions for your business websites and blogs.

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TechGlobeX: Top 15 Best Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers
Top 15 Best Responsive Portfolio Free WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers
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