Facebook Live vs. Periscope: Which Live Streaming Platform is Best?

Facebook Live vs. Periscope

Digital video has revolutionized the way human beings are interacting. Most of the time of the day of a person goes on watching digital content or social media. This trend has benefited the brands and businesses a lot as they now know where their audience is. This has helped them in targeting the audience at the right by promoting their products and services on different platforms like Periscope and Facebook live. With the help of these live streaming applications, users can experience the events as when they happen. In this article, you will find the detailed Comparison and Difference between Facebook Live and Periscope to know the Best Live Streaming Platform for Businesses and Brands.

As both these platforms offer commendable services, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the two of them. But, there are certain elements that help in differentiating both these platforms.

1. Connecting with the Audience Live

This is an area where Facebook needs to do well. In Periscope, the comments are flowing in real time; hence it connects with people in a much better way as compared to Facebook. You can comment directly to someone, see their comments and make it lively in nature. All this happens on Periscope. Whereas the comments tend to get delayed on Facebook, you will not be able to comment directly to someone and it becomes annoying at times. If you want more and more of interaction, then Periscope is the right platform for you. The kind of people you will get there are ones who want to interact real time with you. Both the applications will provide you with analytics that helps you get an idea as to how your broadcasts are doing. The only difference here is that the analysis provided by Facebook is more detailed in nature. Also, Periscope has had issues with trolls in the past. This does nothing, but makes the whole broadcast annoying in nature. These are those people that just come in the middle of any conversation and type rude and abusive comments. If you want to know more about this live streaming app, then click here.

2. Reaching the Audience

The reach of Periscope is way better than Facebook live. Periscope has the audience from all over the globe. In case of Facebook, the audience is more localized in nature. Facebook live can help you reach your audience at the later stage, when you are done with you tagging. This is one major advantage of Facebook live where you can reach to any number of audiences for as long as you want. You just need to spend some money to boost it.

3. Editing

Both these applications help you to mirror your smartphone with a desktop and let you record your broadcast or you can just save the video and edit them whenever you want to. While Periscope allows you pin your broadcasted tweet or embed your broadcast from Twitter into a blog, it will not let you change the thumbnail image in your newsfeed and it will also not let you tag people. This is where Facebook comes to your rescue. As and when you complete the broadcast, Facebook allows you to edit the title, lets you tag as many people as you want, allows you to select 10 random thumbnails. All these features are only available with Facebook. Facebook will also help you give your live video a boost, which means when you are live, more and more people get to see the video in your news feed. When you are done no extra boost will be given, but the video will always be there as a replay. All these Facebook Live videos can be easily put into play lists, whereas this cannot be done in Periscope.

Both the applications have their advantages and disadvantages. It is very important for you to be active on both the platforms and understand their nature of work.

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