Top 5 Best Instagram Marketing Tools for Businesses

Instagram Marketing Tools

There has been a huge buzz about Instagram nowadays. However, the important thing which you need to do is to spend the time in learning about the new platform, just to search that anyone can use the recent and the largest social network and acquire the bigger benefits out of it.

Well, Facebook owns Instagram, and purchased it at price of one billion dollars in 2012 – dissimilar to other social platforms having unpredictable future – it is a safer option. But, for running the business, while dealing with the customers, clients, complicated tasks and some employees, no one gets enough time to make himself dedicated to any of the particular social media networks.

Regardless of what you see online about the platform’s stance about using the automated tools, there are still a lot of high-quality tools which can be used to boost up the marketing strategy on Instagram for starting the recruiting prospective and widening the traffic on the site. Some of these are given below:

1. Buffer

If you are searching for the tool for marketing on Instagram which allows you to automate your marketing efforts on platforms of the social media, the buffer is the highly recommended option. Buffer has the features for doing analysis which can aid you to determine the performance of your account by keeping the track of your posts.

Buffer Instagram Marketing Tool


There is not possible to name the top tools for marketing on Instagram without including VSCO in them. Being one of the highly famous editing apps, VSCO is the unstoppable option for all the upcoming marketers on Instagram. Dissimilar to other apps, this has got all the required features with a wide range of editing properties, and a lot of amazing filters which can make your photos look great.

VSCO Instagram Marketing Tool

3. Vibbi

Vibbi offers a lot of features which can imply in the marketing strategies on Instagram. You can use this versatile tool for buying Instagram followers while increasing the credibility of your brand. Furthermore, Vibbi provides the views for the account and likes which can be used to increase the popularity of a page.

Vibbi Instagram Marketing Tool

4. Facetune

Facetune is the most recent marketing tool used on Instagram. Primarily, it is used as the app for doing the adjustments on the faces, letting you make the candid of the pictures in a perfect way. The app contains the tools such as patching, smoothing, whitening, and much more.

Facetune Instagram Marketing Tool

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is usually called as the automated scheduling tool as well as the analytical app, which is recently featured with the Instagram scheduling mechanism. With the latest updates, the tool has made it easier to schedule hundreds of the Instagram posts with the help of drag and drop option.

Tailwind Instagram Marketing Tool


If you are planning to use Instagram for Marketing of your business, now is the time to step in. Having more number of users as compared to Twitter and a vast set of features such as Stories, this platform is getting more and more famous in this aspect.

All of the above-mentioned tools can be used when you get started with Instagram Marketing in and effective and efficient manner. Many of the famous scheduling tools send a notification to your phone about the best hours to make a post.

Even for finding the best words to be included in the hashtags, the tools like TagsForLikes and Hashtagify offer the highly famous, trendy words for using as tags in the posts.

In the end, there are a lot more which can enhance the marketing and promotion objectives for your business.

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