Talking to the Television with Revolutionary Voice TV Remote

Voice TV Remote

The struggle to take every single thing digital and to incorporate easily accessible features that enhance the usability and usefulness of services such as TV and the Internet is real. Every new feature is designed to specifically bring clients a step closer to a more convenient lifestyle, using the fast evolving technological tools that are solely for the purpose of providing ease to people, and to reduce the redundant time and efforts they’d otherwise need to invest in that very action to get the same result.

With the occasional breakthrough in the world of Cox, a new innovative feature is launched, that inevitably gains approval on it’s easy to handle nature, and for it always makes the client’s life a little easier – and let’s face it, having the latest technologies in our home, and using them is exhilarating and uplifting on its own. Such is the revolutionary feature launched by the pioneering force in this particular facet, the voice remote control. It’s time to revolutionize the Television watching experience and Cox Advanced TV features and innovations just ensure that you’re getting the best of all the latest technological advancements out there today. This new feature is self-explanatory, however, there’s more to it. The idea is not just to provide the ease to clients of speaking instead of having to fiddle with remote control buttons, it’s designed to indulge them in a more human, interactive and engaging experience that was previously a typical, one-sided thing: watching TV. Cox cable and internet deals are also along the lines of constant improvement and evolution towards an exceptional service/product to clients. Isn’t this what selling is all about?

With this new feature, you can TALK TO YOUR TV – tell it what you feel like watching, ask for it to search a specific TV show or movie, or a specific genre, and more importantly, ask for personalized options. For example, if you are undecided and in the mood for something spontaneous, all you need to ask is, “What should I watch?” and like digital personal operators such as SIRI and Bixby, your TV will come up with a personalized choice of movies and shows based on the top rated and your previous choices.

With voice recognition, you can access all options on your TV, and change the settings. Who says you have to look for the remote control for a good 15 minutes before being able to change channels now? It’s the 21st century, and Cox has got you covered.

This innovative feature on its own is a pioneer in the TV department, and much more such are bound to follow, for the Cox family. In addition to this specific feature, however, there are many incorporated in the Cox Cable deals, for low prices, which make it a deal that everyone should experience in their homes. The idea is to provide the perfect TV experience at home that requires zero hassle and is up to date with the technological advances we have witnessed in the increasingly digitized world of today.

As a long-time user of the traditional remote control for your television, you must be thinking how do I really use this voice-controlled thing? Well, we all are aware of the fact that whenever there is a new addition to the technological world, initially we do get a bit hesitant towards the change that we see. But that is quite normal and natural, so you don’t have to worry about it. Cox Advanced TV features will only make your life a whole lot easier, and this Voice Remote Control is just one step towards achieving the sort of user-friendliness and accessibility that you’ve never imagined before. The Voice Remote Control basically responds to your voice commands when activated. All you have to do is press the blue button on your remote and give a simple voice command to change TV channels or find specific movies, or set DVR recordings, get your favorite shows and movies recommendations and a lot more as well.

So if you’re searching for the best Cable TV, Internet or phone calling service provider in your area, you don’t need to worry anymore about getting the best deal, as Cox Cable, which can be bundled with the Internet and/or phone calling, will give you what you’re exactly looking for at the best prices. With our amazing and super fast internet speeds, that go up to 300 Mbps for download and 30 Mbps for upload, and phone calling with an unlimited long-distance calling to all the major destinations around the globe, your Cable TV needs are now in safe hands. And with all the innovative features such as Voice Remote Control, on-screen guide, Smart Search and up to 1,000 hours of DVR storage, Cox Communications will take your TV experience beyond your imagination by making it more interactive – literally!

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