Top 10 Best Free Proxy Sites to Unblock Any Blocked Websites

Unblock Blocked Websites with Top 10 Best Proxy Sites

According to Security Gladiators, proxies have become the go-to tools for people who want to circumvent heavy censorship and blocks to certain internet sites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Whether you should use proxies or VPNs for the purpose is solely dependent on you as an individual. For example, it depends on whether you are ready to pay for the services of VPN and whether you’ll be sharing and accessing secure content.

Below are the Top Ten Best Proxy Sites to Unblock Blocked Websites:

1. HMA Pro

HideMyAss (HMA) is a renowned VPN company providing a free and efficient proxy server that you can use online without having to pay or register. It is ad-free, incredibly fast and, as a result, guarantees one of the best browsing experiences.

2. Unblock YouTube

Many institutions, some countries and a host of workplaces opt to censor YouTube thanks to the content available there. But that shouldn’t worry you if you can access Unblock YouTube proxies.

It works incredibly fast to Unblock YouTube and allows you to watch the content you want in due time. You can use the proxy to unblock other sites as well.

One of the best features of the proxy is the add-on which provides users with a complete YouTube mirror that you can use to watch every YouTube video without the need of a proxy server. It doesn’t have any pop-ups, and it is completely compatible with YouTube.

3. Proxy Site

This is a Proxy Site you are likely to fall in love with because it supports all blocked internet sites and gives you complete freedom. It comes with a very beautiful layout and ability to choose from multiple servers. Well, some pop-ups and ads can get under your skin once in a while, but they are hardly a big problem considering the conveniences this proxy comes with.

4. ProxFree

ProxyFree is an amazing proxy site with a lot of flexibility and control. It enables you to unblock any site and choose the middle server location. The downside is that it has some pop-up ads that many browsers won’t like, but just check it to see if it fits your needs. Furthermore, it is a trusted proxy site.

5. Zalmos Proxy

Zalmos Proxy is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular proxy servers. Perhaps its claim to fame lies in the fact that it is completely free of irksome pop-ups and ads that can scare away users. It is fast and compatible with virtually all the great sites.

Within seconds, you can unblock any blocked site. All you need to do is simply enter the URL, press enter and the required site will be right in front of you.

6. Tor Browser Bundle

Tor Browser Bundle is one of the most comprehensive software applications fit for any browsing needs. It not only lets you access blocked sites but protects your privacy when using the internet as well. Third parties can’t view which sites you’re accessing, and the websites you visit won’t know your physical location or details.

If you can preconfigure it, the proxy can run on a USB flash drive. It supports virtually all major languages, and you won’t need to install anything to use this proxy.

7. Freegate

This is a proxy software application commonly used in China, though it is available to many users around the globe. Travelers from diverse places in the world use Freegate when they are visiting China to access websites that are banned in the country—such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You do not need to install Freegate to use it. It supports English and Chinese languages.

8. Your Freedom

With Your Freedom, you can circumvent censorship in particular countries that have blocked certain sites. One of its most appealing features is its ability to mask your network address so that it won’t be traceable and saved in the log files.

9. GappProxy

GappProxy is a proxy application in the Google App Engine – from where you can download and run without having to install it. But, to use, you have to set your browser’s HTTP proxy to More, this proxy is best suited for users in need of alternatives of Network & Internet for commercial and personal use.

10. GPass

GPass’ allure lies in its support for audio or video streaming, emails and instant messaging—features that are often not available in the other proxy applications. It also has an easy interface. It’s free to download this application, and you can use it to browse blocked sites while protecting your privacy.


With any of these proxy servers, you are guaranteed complete freedom on the internet. You are not going to be limited with the much censorship by governments, institutions, ISPs etc.

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