Child Watch Tips: How Parental Control App Monitor Kids Mobile Phone

How to Monitor Kids Mobile Phone

Are your kids old enough to have their own digital devices? How do you monitor them? Child safety experts say that kids who use the internet and digital devices must be supervised by the parents. This is to ensure that they don’t adopt dangerous behaviors that can affect their emotional and physical wellbeing. In this article, we are giving some useful child watch tips and tricks to parents, and How Parental Control App Track and Monitor Kids Smartphone and Tablet activities without them knowing.

So, how do you monitor your kids? When they are toddlers it is easy to make the rules for them and make them follow the rules. You decide the TV time or nowadays the time they can spend on YouTube when they can go out and how long can they play a video game. The game changes when they enter the teenage. They demand independence and privacy. They develop their own thinking and are not very keen to follow rules.

It is advised that when kids enter teenage, parents discuss things with them rather than impose rules. They should respect their privacy and teach them by becoming a good role model. Along with the educational process, constant supervision is also essential. If we use a parental control app for that purpose, it becomes easier to monitor them.

How Does Mobile App Help In Monitoring and Tracking?

I would give you the example of FamilyTime parental control app which is really good at what it does. First of all, you cannot use it without telling your kids. It is visible to the kids so you don’t breach their trust when you use it. Second, the kids can use their devices independently, you can monitor and regulate them from your own device. It eliminates the need to snoop or withhold their devices.

FamilyTime Mobile App Features

Top 6 Ways to Track and Monitor Kids Mobile Phone Activities:

This mobile app has a number of features and functions, take a look at them:

1. Monitoring:

You can regularly monitor their browser activity, bookmarks, text messages, mobile apps, call logs and contacts. This helps in detecting suspicious or unsafe activity like sexting, porn watching or cyber bullying and gives you a reason to talk to them.

2. Restricting:

Monitoring also includes some restraints that are meant to protect them from extreme outcomes. With FamilyTime you can block mobile apps and limit the time they spend on their devices i.e. screen time.

3. Notifications:

You can get alerted for blacklisted contacts and application.

5. Location Monitoring:

It also provides location tracking and Geofence reporting. Kids can send SOS and pick-me-up alerts as well.

6. Safe Drive:

There is also the ability to monitor driving speed according to the set limits.

These facilities allow the parents to catch unruly behavior in time. Kids often do things by mistake or lack of knowledge, in that case, you can be there for them to guide them.

All parents are aware of these dangers to some extent and they keep a check on their kids in one way or another. Using a parental control app is a more contemporary way. It is easy and efficient as well. So, upgrade the way you protect your kids and give them the best care.

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