Top 5 Best Free Offline Games to Play Without Internet/WiFi/Data on Android & iPhone

Best Free Offline Games Without Internet-WiFi-Data for Android and iOS (iPhone-iPad-iPod)

Are you seeking the best gaming experience without spending your data pack and that can significantly enhance your gaming experience? Well, if your answer is yes, we are here to provide you the detailed List of Offline Games that are tremendously designed for gaming enthusiasts who are always in search of offline games. The advantage of having an Offline Game is to shun away from your boredom if you lack internet connectivity or in case you are left with low data. Here is the list of trending Top 5 Best Free Offline Games Without Internet/WiFi/Data Connection for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch).

1. Temple Run 2 - Android | iOS

Temple Run is the renowned name in the mobile gaming industry and has crossed millions of downloads around the world. The game features an adventurous endless running game in which an archeologist continuously runs to escape from the jungle by facing different obstacles. The player needs to collect all the coins to increase the points and simultaneously collect different powers that significantly enhance the gaming pleasure. The game has great graphics as well as audio that harmonize your gaming with a smooth touch and accelerometer controls of the game. Furthermore, the game is available for leading mobile operating systems, and you can download the game on the respected online store. Also, you can search for the game’s Android APK file over the internet by simply searching best free offline games, and you will get the list of top offline games.

2. Smash Hit - Android | iOS

If you are seeking a game that can easily take you to the next level of amusement. Undoubtedly, Smash Hit is the optimum choice. In this game, the player has to break different glass objects by using metallic balls that come in the way. Apart from this, the game automatically provides different goodies such as extra balls on every successful hit on the targeted glass. The sound as well as graphics of the game are appreciable and provide an augments the overall gaming experience. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download the game at free of cost from your respected store.

3. Make More - Android | iOS

Make More is a special game that needs continuous tapping on your phone’s screen to earn more and more points. The game features a goods manufacturing factory in which the worker has to craft the products quickly, and the more frequent you tap more is the speed of the manufacturing. Moreover, the thing which attracts the most is the greedy boss who keeps on shouting "make more". Make More is a perfect way to spend some quality fun time, and you can easily refresh your mind anytime without the need of internet connectivity.

4. Alto’s Adventure - Android | iOS

Alto’s Adventure is a continuous snowboarding game that features a snowboarder that is having an endless journey and need to collect coins on his way to earning more and more points. Apart from this, the overall design of the game is simple, and controls are good that enhances the gaming leisure. It is a fun game in which you just need to collect coins and overcome certain obstacles like climate changes that increment difficulty level.

5. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 - Android | iOS

Rovio has launched the latest version of their super-hit game Angry Birds and this time with some enhanced features. The game is entirely based on the exact model of its ancestors with some new characters and enhanced graphics. You can download the game for your mobile, tablet, and for your PC as the game is designed for almost every platform and device.


The Google Play Store and Apple App Store is swamped with numerous Offline Games that are available at free of cost. The games mentioned above are on the top of the list of most admired games.

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