Top 7 Must-Have Smart Kitchen Gadgets to Make Cooking Easier

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Smart is what the world survives on these days, so it’s only a matter of time until your kitchen demands a Smart treatment as well. Luckily for us, gadgets develop every day, so there are always a lot of options to choose from to make our kitchen the next best thing. How cool would it be to control your kitchen with your Smartphone or another device? Everything at the tip of your fingers. To make your life a lot easier, we’ve compiled a top seven list of must-have Smart Kitchen Gadgets that will manage your kitchen as efficiently as you wish.

1. Smart Slow Cooker

Slow cookers have never been out of fashion given how useful they can be for anyone and everyone. Upgrade that to a Smart Slow Cooker and you’ve got yourself a party. Allowing you to connect through Wi-Fi, the Wemo Crockpot Smart Slow Cooker can be switched on and off through an app in your smartphone or tablet. You can also manage temperature and other functions easily.

2. Smart Meat Thermometer

Watching a movie while you’re cooking the steak? Worry not, for a Smart meat thermometer will alert you when your meat is ready to be stuck a fork into. The meat thermometer notifies you through an app in your smartphone so wherever you are, whether in the kitchen or the living room, in the ideal situation, you will never have to rush to check if the meat is the right temperature to be taken off the grill.

3. Non-Slip Kitchen Scale

A scale that acts like a normal scale along with a cookbook of preloaded recipes and Bluetooth enabled functions, the Drop Kitchen Non-Slip Kitchen Scale is a device that users have loved since it came out. Connect to the scale through an app on your tablet or smartphone, and then let it take the lead in providing you with recipe instructions including what to add when and how much to add as well. This Smart scale is the stuff of a cook’s dreams.

4. Bluetooth Enabled Smart Fork

No need to watch what you eat if you’ve got the HAPIfork Bluetooth enabled Smart fork, since it will do wonders in helping you monitor eating schedule and habits. It notifies you by flashing or buzzing if you gobble up too much too quickly and measures how much you eat while you’re eating. You can later check your performance in it as well after you’re done with your meal!

5. Sous Vide Precision Cooker

The next MasterChef might just be using a Sous Vide Precision cooker to prepare meals to precision, and you never know, you could be this person. This smart precision cooker that users swear by will raise the water temperature to the perfect point, enough to create vegetables, meat and anything else to nothing but a flawless meal. A further appealing aspect of this cooker is that it retains all nutrients in the meat and vegetables, which can’t be said for regular cookers.

6. Espresso Maker with Bluetooth

You can be a coffee addict and a lover of luxury at the same time, so why not get an Espresso Maker with Bluetooth, which can be controlled via Bluetooth through your Smartphone or tablet. It lets you command the functions of the Espresso machine without having to get off the couch to do it, including the function of capsule stocking.

7. Smart Frying Pan

A frying pan that has pre-loaded recipes and cooks your food to perfection every single time; who wouldn’t want to sign up? The Pantelligent Smart frying pan allows you to control it through an app in your smartphone and notifies you promptly when to flip your pancake, when it’s warm enough for your eggs to be cooked, and when your dish is ready to be taken off the pan. Although a bit pricey, this smart frying pan will never disappoint when it comes to precision.

Smart Gadgets are here to make life simpler and quick as our lives are too busy these days. So, pick up your next Smart Kitchen Gadget right away to ensure a time-saving and swift cooking experience.

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