Why and How to Protect Your IP Address from Hackers

How to Protect Your IP Address from Hackers

How to Change My Current IP Address?

Every year thousands of people become victims of cyber violence. Although everybody knows about that, millions of people still ignore objective facts. They still don’t care that they can be traced by anyone who demonstrates any interest; most of them don’t even know that the main source of their cyber vulnerability is their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Below we are sharing some useful tips on How to Protect PC's Privacy and Security by Changing or Hiding Your IP Address.

The Easiest Way to Change Your IP Address

Changing IP never comes for free, especially when we talk about IP changer service. Those who are ready to pay use complex solutions known as virtual private networks. Now any VPN provider or software available for Windows or macOS can not only secure the data via virtual tunneling but let you change IP. Some providers even let you change it any 5 minutes, helping you to spoof your geographic location and replace any vulnerable data.

Why Hiding IP Address Is So Important?

When hackers try digging into the network of some person or if government agency tries detecting suspicious activities, IP address is the first thing they will look for. IP is a feature which lets the user know everything about:
  • Her current location;
  • Her operating system and supporting browser;
  • The type of device she uses for surfing the Internet.
How can anyone know that by your IP? Easily enough! Everything from your location to computer details is already stated inside its numbers. The user can even check it. If one wants getting access to a website which is restricted to her country, the server puts “Error” page by simply reading her location data within the Internet Protocol.

So if you want your Internet usage and current location to not become available for hackers or other interested people, you will make everything possible to reduce your cyber vulnerability. Changing IP is the first thing one should do if security matters for her. If you run an online business, this will also provide with additional security benefits:
  • Competitors will never get access to your company’s confidential information including sales or users data;
  • You will easily hide your geographical location: sometimes it is particularly useful to not show where you are now especially if it may result in banning access to servers;
  • Prevent targeted ads sticking to the website: your website will not be traced by any robot or ads agency because they will not get any information from your replaced IP.
If you already downloaded the app and paid all necessary fees, the task of replacing IP would be pretty straightforward. Typically, you open settings window and there you can choose the country, which IP you want to have and other facilities masking all your Internet activities. You don’t need any help in adjusting the system and it will work for several years. The only question you should ask yourself: are you ready to make such an investment in your cyber security for ensuring complete online privacy.

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