Top 7 Home Automation Tips Using Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Home Automation Tips Using Fitbit Fitness Tracker

One of the coolest innovations that have happened over the past few years has been the arrival and surging popularity of the Fitbit fitness tracker. This handy gadget has helped literally millions of people to get healthy and stay healthy with a simple smart watch.

However, there’s so much more that you can do to automate your life with your Fitbit tracker. You may think the usefulness of the tracker stops with what’s on your wrist, but it can help out in so many more ways. Read on to learn Top Seven Fitbit Fitness Tracker Tips to Make Home Automation Easy.

1. Give Your Smartphone a Ring If You Sleep for Too Long

If you’re a heavy sleeper, you know the difficulty of getting up in the morning when your alarm clock isn’t enough to get you out of bed. You can literally just snooze through those multiple alarms. The good news is that with your Fitbit, you can set how many hours you would ideally like to sleep at night. Plus, if you are not awake within that period of hours, you can set a “panic” mode that will call your mobile phone if you’re oversleeping.

2. Dealing with Less Sleep Than You Should Be Getting

You can set a trigger with Fitbit that will alert you when you’re not going to get enough sleep based on time you should go to bed and when you need to wake up in the morning. Not getting enough sleep is a major causal factor in stress and a lack of productivity during the next day. Make sure to use your Fitbit to keep your sleep goals in line!

3. Automated Encouragement to Reach Your Goals

You can get pretty creative with this one. You can set up your Fitbit to alert you whenever you are going to achieve your goals or not. And if not, then you can set up some triggers that happen. For example, if you’re under your goal for the number of calories you should have burned today, you can create a trigger that will send a text to your spouse saying that you both should have a low-calorie dinner.

4. Automatically Texting Your Personal Trainer If You Missed Out on Your Daily Routine

Another great option that comes with this automation is sending a text to your personal trainer if you missed out on your regular workout routine or aren’t missing your goals. How many times have you lied to your personal trainer and said you didn’t have that chocolate donut earlier, when you really did? Yeah, when you automate your life with your Fitbit, these kinds of fibs aren’t going to cut it anymore. Your trainer is going to understand every element of your routines with this automation.

5. Fitbit Can Turn Off the Lights Once You’ve Fallen Asleep

If you’re someone who likes to sleep with the lights on, you can program your Fitbit and smart lights to turn off the lights after a certain amount of time. This is pretty cool for those of you who want to save energy, but also love to have a bit of light in your room while you drift off to sleep.

6. Automatically Tweet or Post on Facebook When You Achieved Your Goals

A little positive bragging never hurt anybody! That’s why it’s a great idea to sync up your Fitbit with your social media accounts so that you can automatically share with your friends and family when you’ve met your fitness goals for the day or week. You’re going to get some people jealous, but who cares! You’re getting healthy.

7. Get Your Sleep Logs as A Daily Sunday Digest Email

One last feature that comes with home automations and your Fitbit is getting an automatic email digest on Sundays or any day of the week with your sleep logs for the week. This is going to tell you exactly how you’ve been sleeping and gives you some things to improve on in the coming weeks.

Home automation with your Fitbit has never been easier than now! These tips are going to make your life so much easier, so make sure to try them out and let us know how they worked for you.

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