Top 50 Life Tracker Apps for Android and iOS Phones / Tablets [Infographic]


How often do you use your phone throughout the day? Nowadays, most people take their phones everywhere with them. As their processing capabilities expand, so does our reliance on them. The original purpose of mobile phones – to make calls on-the-go – is now just one of the many things they can do.

People use their phones to watch the latest episode of their favourite series, order a last-minute birthday gift, and comment on news and social media, as well as being useful for hundreds of other purposes.

They’ve made our lives easier and simplified so many tasks. As just one example, you don’t need a map and some decent navigation skills to get directions – you can just use your phone. But they’ve also given us control. The technology of our phones now allows us to analyse and optimise our lives to a greater extent than ever before.

Want to know where you spend the most time, who with and doing what? Your phone can tell you. With apps available to download and track almost every aspect of your life, you can bring an analytic approach to anything. Whilst some are somewhat strange (tracking your bowel movements or the phone use of your spouse), most have enormous potential – as the great infographic below shows.

Some of our favourites include the apps which help you manage your finances. Never miss a bill again with sending you reminders, and try to reduce them with Energy Consumption Analyzer, which will suggest ways to cut back on your energy use. Oh, and they’re free so you won’t have to pay out.

Other great apps include those to track your health and fitness. If you’re adopting a healthier lifestyle, use My Fitness Pal to watch your calorie intake, Map My Run to monitor your running progress and Expereal to see any changes in mood. What better way to motivate yourself than to watch the developments easily on your smartphone powered by Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) mobile operating systems?

If getting fit was one of your New Year’s resolutions, you can even keep up with the year-long ambition, as well as daily habits, with Routinely. Seeing any bad patterns emerge can help you nip them in the bud early and succeed in the long run.

While you’re downloading some of these great apps, you might want to add My Data Manager to your list. It will analyse your data usage and help you stop going over your limits – allowing you to make the most out of your allowance. And with so many tracking opportunities available, it’s worth doing.

Check out some more fantastic apps in the infographic prepared by team "Voucher Cloud", and see how your smartphone could help optimise your life.

Infographic: Top 50 Apps to Track Everything in Your Life


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