High Availability Is Now Part Of Puppet Platform

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"Puppet Implementations are more strategic". Enterprises have increased the usage of Puppet within it. 75% of the Fortune 100 companies are using Puppet as a provisioning tool. But still, Puppet lacks in offering one of the most needed features i.e. High Availability. Enterprises are concerned about this fact that “Puppet possess the single point of failure, i.e. it is failing in delivering High Availability stuff to the customers”. Hence, in its recent version of Puppet 2016.5, it availed this feature with whole new capabilities. This recent update ensures versatile and verifiable high-availability plan. The main reason behind this update is due to the maturation of Puppet within the enterprises.

The major advantages of promoting High Availability are:
  • If failure of primary master occurs, replica takes over and continues performing critical operations.
  • If the failed primary master cannot be repaired, then replica can be promoted to master. This promotion establishes replica as the whole new and permanent master.
Architecture of High Availability

The configuration of High Availability generates a replica for primary master i.e. the Puppet Master. Primary master replica does not need to represent the exact primary master, instead, it can duplicate certain components and services of its infrastructure. Only one provisioned replica must be present at a time. Certain constituents and services, like Puppet Server and other doesn’t carry any native data, hence these are not replicated and are inactive until a replica is promoted. Whereas, other components immediately activate as soon as a replica is enabled. Get puppet training to understand the High availability in realtime using Puppet as a platform.

High Availability configuration deals with provisioning, enabling and forgetting a replica in order to serve as a backup whenever a failover occurs. If the master is disabled permanently, then replica can be promoted.
  • Provisioning a replica duplicates certain components, from the master to the replica.
  • Enabling a replica activates its duplicated services and components, and shows ways to communicate in a failover scenario.
  • If master can be replaced or restored, then it is recommended to promote and initiate replica as new, permanent master.
  • Whenever a replica node is destroyed, it is better to run the forget command as it expands the classification and database state, thereby restricting degraded performance over time.
High Availability and Scale
High Availability and Scale

Failover occurs whenever replica takes over the services that otherwise are executed by the master. Failover is instinctive and doesn’t require any action to enable the replica. Whenever high availability is enabled, Puppet runs are administered to the master, first. Whether the primary master is either partially or fully unreachable, still these runs are managed towards replica. During partial failovers, Puppet runs use server, node classifier or PuppetDB on the replica if the services are not reachable on the master.


High Availability ensures even though there are certain breakdown in any components or if a case arises when these components are unreachable, still the system remains operational. Frequent hires into the company of Puppet has lead to constant changes in the features of Puppet, which now heavily focuses on enterprise sales and making Puppet believe that marketing is a key factor and it really does matter.

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