8 Future Technology Inventions That Will Change The World

Future Technology Inventions

Nothing screams innovation and creativity like a piece of new technology. It is especially true if you have things like a cure for diseases, teleportation, artificial intelligent chatbots and robots, self-driving cars and food equality at the back of your mind. Following are some of the new and upcoming Top Eight (8) Best Future Technology Inventions That Will Change The World.

With our pursuit for data getting far over than ever before, we can expect big things from the scientific department in the next decade according to a non-profit think tank called the Institute for the Future (IFTF). Here are some of the most promising predictions that we can expect to see from the tech world in the future.

1. Dementia Will Be Cured

With the ability to better understand the human genome and genetic mutations, both scientists and doctors will be able to detect and prevent ailments like dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

By doing a proper analysis, scientists will be able to conjure up the right kind of technology to fight any biological decline.

2. There Will Be New Education Models

Teachers from many respected institutions predict that education will become an on-demand service where students can pull down a module of learning whenever they want. Unlike traditional methods of schooling, students can have access to oodles of knowledge at their convenience.

Bite-sized modules will be offered to school kids and the practice gamification will be infused to make learning an enjoyable experience.

3. Solar Power Will Be At The Top

Are you one of those folks who is constantly vexed by fat monthly electricity bills? Well, the future is looking real bright for everyone right about now and we mean that both figuratively and literally with solar energy. Solar is looking to be the biggest source of energy on the planet by 2025.

An innovation titled solar photovoltaic energy is the ultimate game-changer, which will use solar panels to everything from harvesting equipment to laptops, or any other device that has succeeded that latter by then. It will leave us with enough energy to power anything from our homes to our offices.

4. There Will Be No More Food Shortage

For so long, food shortages and food price fluctuations have been the bane of the lives of the common man, but that is all about to take the turn for the better. Lighting and imaging technologies are going to be improving crop growth and fight the common troubles of traditional farming.

It will enable us to grow genetically-modified crops indoors and the food that we get from grocery stores will be consistently priced.

5. There Will Be Smart Cities

The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon be an actual living city and our new home to be. What we’ll find here are ubiquitous sensor technology, big data analytics, and mesh networks. The cities will become trusted exchanges for alternative currencies, and they will form bigger city-to-city networks to deal with issues like climate change and trafficking and more.

6. Everything Will Be Connected

IoT is as real as it can be. Apart from smart cities, everything from cars, homes, and appliances will be connected from around the world. Newer technologies will have the capacity to store energy and function as electrodes to deliver hyper-connectivity all around the globe.

7. Type I Diabetes Can Be Fought Off

Thanks to the aim of a human genome engineering platform, it is possible for scientists and doctors to modify disease-carrying and prevent conditions such as Type I Diabetes. RNA and DNA sequences that pass on the diseases can also be modified.

8. Physicians Will Use DNA Maps To Manage Disease Risk

Thanks to the advancement in single-cell analysis, nanotechnology, and Big Data technology, DNA mapping become the norm. Theoretically, it might replace blood tests as a more accurate way of isolating diseases.

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