Top 4 Best Weather Forecasting Apps for Android & iOS Phones / Tablets

Top Best Weather Forecasting Apps

Weather appears to be a very popular choice for app developers with literally thousands of options available. It seems everybody wants to be an armchair meteorologist these days.

I am often amused at how some people regularly check their weather app yet rarely leave the house. For some people, however, having access to accurate, informative weather forecasts is extremely important.

Fortunately for them, there are some really good apps for that purpose. With so many available, it is hard to know where to even start. We have looked at a large number of them, tested them under different conditions and looked at lots of user feedback and come up the Top 4 Best Weather Forecasting Apps available for Android and iOS powered Smartphones and Tablets right now. Let’s take a look.

1. Weather Timeline

Weather timeline is a relative newcomer on the weather app scene which is not always a bad thing. Reviews so far have all been very positive and users enjoy the interface. It has some unique and interesting features, allowing you to set multiple locations for regular travellers and supports a number of languages. It also integrates with Android Wear for quick reading on other supported devices.

As the name suggests, it gives you a timeline of the weather in a clear, easy to read format. It will alert you to imminent changes, radar maps as well as a moon viewer. It offers clever visualizations as well as a number of interactive graphs.

It is easy to use an app with a host of features and lots of information.

2. Dark Sky

Many users swear by Dark Sky as their weather app of choice. The free version is rather limited so you will need to pay the annual subscription to unlock the full potential. The main feature of this app is specific and precise forecasts for short-term weather conditions. It is a lot less vague than the majority of apps and is incredibly accurate. It combines top meteorological data with information from the pressure sensors on your phone to give accurate local forecasts.

It will also show you the bigger picture by displaying global weather patterns and how they all interact.

For accurate short-term weather predictions, Dark Sky is a great app.

3. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is extremely popular and is the app of choice for a large number of Android users. It has plenty of easy to follow information and a great RealFeel index which gives a more realistic idea of the weather than a simple temperature reading would.

It provides plenty of maps, graphs, radar information as well as pretty accurate short-term rain predictions. You can personalise the widgets according to your preference.

AccuWeather is a really good, all-around useful and informative weather app.

If you live in an extremely cold place, where snowfall is common in a winter season, then you must check out internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing to survive the snow with some useful tech-gadgets, and speak of surviving the snow. You might also be interested to read more about top picks for reliable snow blowers.

4. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo has been around about as long as the internet and there is nothing wrong with their weather app. It offers a vibrant and engaging app that is packed with features and information that is easy to follow.

There are a host of customizable widgets to choose from, depending on your preferences and it has all the data most people would require.

Yahoo weather has a brilliant design with a fantastic user interface that provides accurate and relevant weather information.

If weather information and predictions interest you or are important to you, you will benefit from these great apps. Some have more in-depth meteorological data than others while some focus more on short-term predictions than medium to long-term forecasts.

Select one that works with your requirements and you will soon be a great weatherman.

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