Tips to Use iOS Home App to Control HomeKit Devices


Home App is a whole new development by Apple in the iOS 10 Firmware. Apple in these would want to help homeowners control all the devices in their smart homes. This is made possible by connecting the devices to the pairing system using their apps. Both the devices and the smartphone must be connected to the network of the local area. This has been a development after home automation.

According to Actuator Zone, automation of homes has been made possible by employing the technology of linear motion. Linear motion technology has come up with linear actuators which contribute significantly in this home automation process. Linear actuators are devices that cause motion in a straight line. They can be powered by 12v or 24v power supply. The most commonly used linear actuators are the 12v linear actuators. Examples of 12v linear actuators include high speed, track linear, mini tube among others. In smart homes, linear actuators have been employed in reclining of furniture, automating systems of entertainment such as television, controlling lights in the house, controlling the security systems among others. The new Home App is used to monitor these automated smart home devices.

Home App has a whole wide range of applications. They range from the setting up of rooms and favorite scenes, center panel control and much more that will be discussed below. While setting up rooms, the app has a tab "Rooms." Here, the rearrangement and deletion of devices can be made possible by tapping the "Edit" button. New rooms can as well be added if the "+" button is touched.

Home App can be used in setting favorite scenes. This is because; the favorite scenes and devices build up Home App. To edit the files, one needs only to tap the "Edit" button.


In controlling center panel, the button bezel is swiped up and then right. By doing this, the Home Pane is switched on. Once the Home pane has turned on, the desired device can then be tapped on. This will either turn it on or turn it off depending on what was required. To be more precise in controls, 3D touch is used. 3D touch is done by touching the dimmer switch. This is followed by up and done swipe for light control.

Apple has come up with different devices that can be used in controlling home kit appliances. They include the use of iPad and Apple watch. The iPad can be used to control devices by first docking it on the wall and then connecting a power supply. This is followed by now setting it to be the center of control. The advantages of iPad are that they are cheap and can help nerd that is not automated to operate along. The other advantage is that iPad will offer a permanent remote control for all the smart home devices.


There is a Home App that is first new and comes when is already built in the OS 3 kind of watches. This app can be used to control devices at home. It is advantageous especially when one feels lazy of getting out a phone. With the new trends in smart home technology, life has been made easy, comfortable and fancier.

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